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  • 1)Message de Fex posté le 9 October 2019 à 19:34:45
    I personally don't care if I have to introduce myself over and over... I have a pretty standard phenotype, not many traits to be remembered by. But also not a very well developed large ego, so I'm not particularly bothered when someone doesn't remember me.
  • 2)Message de JulienFromDijon posté le 9 October 2019 à 19:41:52
    This story is like a variation on the famous joke. A depressed man goes to the doctor. The doctor says : "You should see the spectacle of XXX, the famous clown. Everyone's laughing in the venue." And the depressed man to start crying : You don't understand, I'm XXX, it's me the famous clown. (and I have no spectacle to go to laugh)
  • 3)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2019 à 21:04:09
    pfhahaha! The cruel trick... visualization and visual MEMORY and art skills aren't the same things at all.
  • 4)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2019 à 09:11:52
    I giggled really loudly at this one! I love it!!!
  • 5)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2019 à 11:20:12
    I feel you, I have the exact same issue.
  • 6)Message de Erik Schmidt posté le 10 October 2019 à 12:32:30
    Brilliant. And so recognizable.
  • 7)Message de Thorfinn posté le 10 October 2019 à 16:46:23
    I'm just the same, and I personally suspect it might be due to me having been very nearsighted since an early age, and especially the fact that it took my parents a year or two to notice. That meant that I got used to not noticing people's features (since they were just a blur to me anyway), and that I never got back into the habit af noticing after getting glasses. I DO in fact notice hair styles and colours - but people have an unfortunate habit of changing those
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2019 à 21:06:28
    I'm pretty good at remembering names and faces but I'm very bad at keeping them assigned to the right people. It's embarrassing when you very confidently introduce somebody you know pretty well by the /wrong name/. (I also have three sisters and I can never keep them straight either).
  • 9)Message de Kopets posté le 11 October 2019 à 13:27:25
    1) I didn’t know, Boulet had a brother! :-) 2) People with such spooky abilities as to “desire to remember faces of people”(not being an artist/photographer or smth.) should work as spies/super agents, and STAY AWAY FROM NORMAL persons!
  • 10)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2019 à 20:17:21
    Today I called a brother by his sister's name and a sister by her brother's... I hope they'll forgive me.
  • 11)Message de tofei posté le 14 October 2019 à 18:13:09
    Are you sure that's his real face, Boulet? You've forgotten it and just making up his face just right there? XD
  • 12)Message de Kopets posté le 15 October 2019 à 15:23:10
    Line 2, Figure 2: "you bought me some stuff" said the spooky shop owner. Does that mean that Boulet bought something for that guy, or maybe - FROM HIM? So it should have been: "You bought some stuff FROM ME".
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 October 2019 à 21:40:12
    As I have grown older (I am now 61), I find it harder to remember faces to names, especially if I do not have continuous contact with the person. My memory is excellent in all other instances--I'm just face blind these days. But at my age, why bother remembering faces--life is short.
  • 14)Message de Katherine Collins posté le 23 October 2019 à 04:39:26
    Hey. I have exactly the same problem — "face blindness". I am now 72, and have had it all my life; but I just recently figured out that I have it. I always thought that I must be a rude and supercilious bitch who is way too self-centered. But no — I'm a victim of faulty neurons! Poor me! I think the government should send me a cheque every month, to make up for it. By the way, I also have another of your mental disabilities. I, too, become very embarrassed and self-conscious if I am walking home with new toilet paper. Better than walking home with old toilet paper, though. Or never buying TP at all. But I have never heard of this particular phobia in anyone else, until I saw it in your strip, a year or more ago. Ah, the internet knits us all together, into one homogeneous mass of irrational neurosis. Oh — and who are you again? And who am I?
  • 15)Message de Anonymous posté le 20 November 2019 à 09:04:57
    More please! I miss your English comics.
  • 16)Message de NosNodVerification posté le 3 December 2019 à 07:28:05
    Wow!! loved it really.
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 18 December 2019 à 15:27:00
    My best friend at university has that problem too. At the beginning of our friendship, she told me that she had problems memorizing people. She was also new to the semester (she had to repeat because of sickness) so basically it became my job to navigate her around people, make sure she knew who she was talking to (even if she had talked to them earlier that day) and directing her to the right person when she only knew their name. A few semesters later I found a comic by the german webcomic artist "Fuchskind", in which she explained and described her own experiences with prosopagnosia ( it's in german). I sent it to said friend and it was really eye-opening for both of us. For her, because now her condition had a name. For me because we finally talked in more detail about which parts of my descriptions helped and which where useless to her. Oh and btw, she is an artist too, making comics and illustrations, a lot of her themes have humans or antropomorphic creatures. She also has a darn good visual memory, when it comes to...well basically anything but faces XD She can have one look at a graph and recreate it from memory, easy as pie. But keeping apart two fellow students she's known for 4 years and whose only similarities are being female and having long hair (even differenc hair colors)? No way in hell! XD
  • 18)Message de PixelCarRacerCheatsClub posté le 3 January 2020 à 06:36:06
    Well, its just an amazing feeling of reading all the mags here.
  • 19)Message de PixelCarRacerCheatsClub posté le 3 January 2020 à 06:38:36
    Yes definately you have seen his face!
  • 20)Message de simsmobilecheatsz posté le 5 January 2020 à 17:08:32
    Yes you have been in front of him for more than once.
  • 21)Message de simsmobilecheatsz posté le 5 January 2020 à 17:10:15
    Yes you have been in front of him for more than once. Dont you really know him?
  • 22)Message de mystorycheats posté le 18 January 2020 à 16:01:42
    Your doubt is right!!
  • 23)Message de Fex posté le 17 February 2020 à 12:10:10
    IT just dawned on me that you would have a hard time using a Death Note.
  • 24)Message de AndrewC posté le 21 February 2020 à 18:01:56
    I'm terrible with names and faces, when I finally start recognising people I then go through a long period of not remembering their name
  • 25)Message de Bathroom Renovations posté le 5 March 2020 à 02:34:29
    I don't quite understand the joke here, but the drawings are great!!
  • 26)Message de Morémuse posté le 6 July 2020 à 12:18:56
    You're not the only one! Not being a physiognomist, I know, and I offended a lot. But I don't do it on purpose !!
  • 27)Message de Idaho Falls Tree Service posté le 7 July 2020 à 22:51:07
    I am terrible with names! I will try drawing the next person I meet and see if it works.
  • 28)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 September 2020 à 00:51:31
    Haha great stuff
  • 29)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 March 2021 à 11:33:54
    But doctor, I'm Paggliachi
  • 30)Message de Karumba posté le 15 December 2021 à 13:09:33
    Great Work.

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      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
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