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  • 1)Message de Kopets posté le 6 May 2016 à 06:15:34
    Lasers shooting from the ceiling? They must have stolen the idea from the old soviet-polish moovie The Spell of the valley snakes. It was REALLY scary btw!
  • 2)Message de fern posté le 6 May 2016 à 09:34:51
    SantaBanta Forums
  • 3)Message de Fex posté le 6 May 2016 à 12:35:16
    Your bonus cartoon sums it up. Even considering that traps wouldn't be cost efficient, the traps themselves are made in a dumb way. The Hunger Games, as you said, at least have the excuse of being a kind of entertainment, it wouldn't be as fun if the trapped person didn't have at least a mild chance to get out alive. But take the Temple of Doom trap, for example. I mean, if the ceiling with the spikes would just fall imediatelly after activated, there would be no time to pass the slow closing stone door. Besides, what with the spikes? A solid rock ceiling would be more than enough to kill everyone in the room, wouldn't it? And the trigger: a moving square rock on the same wall as the entrance door would go untouched most of the time, specially if you don't have a sidekick who was comicly instructed to not touch anything with you. And that one with the true name of God in The Last Crusade: how the solid steps were sustained? I mean, they were surrounded by fragile blocks with the wrong letters, all leading to the person falling into the abyss below if the wrong letter was chosen. What sustained the right letter blocks themselves when someone stepped on them? If they're all directly connected to the edges, this is a lame riddle. And how does a subaquatic tentacle monster survive on a trash compactor?
  • 4)Message de Rafael posté le 6 May 2016 à 15:21:34
    I forgive the traps in Harry Potter, except the damn riddle. I don't mind the riddle itself, what bothered me was that it had instructions and tips! Imagine if there was only the bottles there, without a message, what to do then? Drink something? Mix? Try to identify the contents with some spectroscopy technique?
  • 5)Message de ahueonao posté le 7 May 2016 à 21:02:57
    Maybe there's some kind of scam going on. Maybe the contraptions department, trap-builders guild or convoluted magic puzzle coven have a deal with whomever's in charge of setting these things up where they send kickbacks for every needlessly expensive, labor-consuming decision I applaud Boulet's eye for efficiency, but I think history demonstrates that the best way to make any fantasy system seem realistic is to make it very dumb. Like don't tell me horizontal sky lasers would seem out of place in a world where gendered marketing exists
  • 6)Message de Matt Y posté le 8 May 2016 à 13:25:57
    I have been following this comic for approximately 5 years now, and I have, today, discovered there is a bonus comic for every post because I was going to address one of the speech bubbles going the wrong way. I don't know whether to be happy or sad that I will be rereading the entire Boulet archive for context for the bonuses.
  • 7)Message de FK posté le 9 May 2016 à 07:19:29
    I love it, as always! "But you know what else we could built?": * should be "build" "rendement": * "result", or "outcome"; maybe "ratio" to keep the meaning a bit more closely "How did they disappeared?": *should be "disappear"
  • 8)Message de Fex posté le 9 May 2016 à 14:26:17
    It is said in the books that the reason Harry has to come back every year to his abusive relatives is that there's a powerful protection spell put in their house by Dumbledore when he delivered the baby. It's so powerful that even after he returns, Voldemort couldn't reach him there. Why he didn't cast such spell in some place, then hide the Philosopher's Stone there? Or at least hide it in Harry's Uncle's freaking house, with some other protective spells to prevent muggles finding it?
  • 9)Message de Alexis posté le 9 May 2016 à 23:00:03
    These things always make me think that someone didn't real their Evil Overlord Rules.
  • 10)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 May 2016 à 16:14:54
    Msr. Boulet, you seem to have left your engineer hat on. Oh, here is your artist hat. . Now do they make sense?
  • 11)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 May 2016 à 15:24:25
    Good comic! I hope I'm not annoying you when I do this, but I wrote down a few grammar and spelling corrections. 1st title text: probably should be "It HAS been a while since the last time..." unless you want to reflect that the French version of this comic got posted earlier than the English version. panel 5: "Who makes and takeS care of those?" 2nd title text: "First of all: how do the boulder-thing works..." Either "How do the boulder-thingS work..." or "How DOES the boulder-thing work..." "Once it has fell, the others won?" "Fell" or "Has FALLEN". I also don't understand what that sentence means. panel 10: "...arrives AT the giant chessboard..." Also either "At this point, no alarm IS triggered..." (agrees with the tense from the earlier bubble) or "...HAS BEEN triggered..." panel 11: "Chess IS hard" 3rd title text: "If I want to protect some shit I don't put riddles in order to do that." Should be "If I want to protect some shit, I don't USE riddles in order to do that." panel 13: "engineer", not "engeneer" panel 18: "Who wrote that shit, by the way?" Should be "Who wrote THIS shit...", if he is referring to that specific passage. panel 19: "rendement" is not a word in the English language. "Result"? panel 20: "...deep into the ocean or in Azkaban". Should be either both "into" both "in". Or "...deep into the ocean or Azkaban." panel 24: " did they DISAPPEAR?" 6th title text: "...was going everyday on the bridge..." should be "was going on the bridge everyday...". Or better: "...was sweeping the bridge with a broom everyday..."
  • 12)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 May 2016 à 11:59:16
    Good morning, thank you for periodic ration of fun and thoughts, I love this place. This one reminds me the time, when we just started with DnD. Our first dungeons was just like that, absurd traps, snakes hidden in drawer for decades, big monsters without axcesible routes to dungeon and so on. It was stupid, but it was aslo fun. In gaming terminology, its called gameplay (a hope so, because I am not very good in english - it's the factor, where some element heavily surpasses fun) and as we grew older, we started to form more complex stories, even rules. But how much more realistic were the more players reminisced about the mass slaughter of the poor goblins. I personally think that it is a reluctance to think, because a pile of worries from real life, people just want to shut down their brains, and Holywood is very good at it. On the oder hand, I know person who criticize Red Dwarf for Dave Lister not shut down Rimmer. For me, it's more absurd, when this production has so much nerve (insolence) to release nonsence but with some morale (or what they think it's morale) lesson. Please keep going and be so greate as before. Jan Foltýn
  • 13)Message de Richard Kirk posté le 14 May 2016 à 21:08:25
    I asked an archaeologist about this. Has there ever really been a booby-trapped tomb? Does it even make sense? You stick the dead person in the box so he can wait for the angels to take him to heaven, and they all get slaughtered by poisoned arrows. The gods are going to be seriously pissed about that, no? Yep. Spot on: didn't make sense to them, ever.
  • 14)Message de astrocrabpuff posté le 16 May 2016 à 18:34:16
    All those CGI teams out of work!
  • 15)Message de NRZH posté le 23 May 2016 à 10:03:48
  • 16)Message de ClashRoyale posté le 23 May 2016 à 15:59:33
    ahahah very nice
  • 17)Message de tofei posté le 15 July 2016 à 08:49:59
    Hey new here, the banner alone makes me want to stay. Automatic sub. XD As your bonus comic shows, maybe they have the budget. It's not cost-effective but it gives work for the traps maintenance guys, makes the local union happy and it supports the economy, everybody wins.
  • 18)Message de Vree posté le 13 October 2016 à 18:02:39
    Boulet is one of the few who draws stuff like this that makes sense. You want to say this stuff all the time but everyone is just like nooo, roll with it, don't be a spoilsport. Why is liking intelligent writing a sin?

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