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  • 1)Message de Echo Nolan posté le 26 August 2015 à 02:40:20
    Hi Boulet! I love the comic. A few translation issues: Venus doesn't have an accent on the e in English. It should be "Everest" or "Mount Everest", not "the Everest". It's spelled "beautiful", not "beautyful" "Europe" is the continent France is on, "Europa" is the moon. "Universe is huge" should be "The universe is huge" "Andromede" should be "Andromeda" Sorry to be critical. The young Boulet riding on top of Earth is an amazing panel!
  • 2)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 02:49:01
  • 3)Message de Uryel posté le 26 August 2015 à 04:31:30
    Your art gave the poetry the message needed. This is so so beautiful. Thank you for this blog - you are an amazing inspiration!
  • 4)Message de Kopets posté le 26 August 2015 à 05:44:08
    Brian Cox revisited!! :-) (I mean, resembles his style) Excellent work! Thank you so much!
  • 5)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 06:46:54
    This reminds me of that essay by Elizer Yudkowsky about how science is not about removing amazement, but about adding to it: http://lesswrong.com/lw/oo/explaining_vs_explaining_away/
  • 6)Message de hele posté le 26 August 2015 à 07:05:25
    uhhhhhhhh, made my life :-)
  • 7)Message de Sara posté le 26 August 2015 à 07:16:25
    This was so beautiful! I have read it twice and still cannot get enough of it.
  • 8)Message de Uli posté le 26 August 2015 à 08:13:31
    Simply amazing and beatiful. You should really think about having a Patreon/Flattr/Paypal account, I would love to support you and your work. Even if you don't need the money, you could invest in a professional translator for example.
  • 9)Message de Jason_the_Iguana posté le 26 August 2015 à 09:51:04
    This is the catechism of materialism. People often shudder on hearing that word, picturing sterile, empty corridors populated by sterile, unfeeling men; a world devoid of beauty and meaning. Which is why I keep using the term. Sometimes, late at night, in the café or on someone's couch, I'll try to express the feeling, the sentiments this comic evokes, try and make friends understand what I feel when I walk through a forest, see clouds racing the sky, or look up into the night. Or even when I read an article or a textbook and learn something new about the universe we live in. Understanding enhances wonder. It grounds it, places it in context, and reassures us that for every question answered the world will only grow more beautiful. But it's not true for everyone. Some of my family members do not feel excitement and wonder if they learn these things. Instead, they are discomfited and afraid. And some of my friends still think this is a cold and empty world to live in. "Surely," they'll say, "there *must* be something more. I could not live with it being otherwise." I wonder if it is inborn, this ability to love the vastness and strangeness of the material world and our tiny tiny place in it, or this fear of it. Perhaps, instead, it depends on how we're raised. Probably, as always, it's a bit of both. But be that as it may: this comic may well be the most powerful expression I have come across of how I see and experience the world. It probably won't change anyone's mind, but perhaps I can show it to people and make them at least understand what I mean when I say the "mathematical" world is a source of endless wonder. Either way, this comic's very existence demonstrates that there is as much poetry to be found in understanding as there is in myth. So thank you again, mr. Boulet. I've been reading your comics for a couple of years now, and whilst they always entertain, it is the ones such as these that are nothing less than life-enriching.
  • 10)Message de CB posté le 26 August 2015 à 10:40:44
    The same album also has "Walking on the Moon" on it ;)
  • 11)Message de bedukkina posté le 26 August 2015 à 13:29:15
    Thanks a lot Boulet! This comic is just incredible and it describes perfectly how I feel towards science! Science does not kill the poetry, it just creates another different one, full of mistery and curiosity. Thanks, thanks again!
  • 12)Message de Tegidº posté le 26 August 2015 à 15:15:03
    Absolutely share the sentiment. Love it.
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 15:29:21
    And for those who don't know Brassens and can't speak French, I would highly recommand Pierre de Gaillande's brilliant covers. No "Great Pan" unfortunately, but such gems as "I made myself small" (Je m'suis fait tout p'tit") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLV91p65oBE the Princess and the Troubadour (La Princesse et le croque-notes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnEo2GKwNog or Public Benches (Les Bancs publics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k0GdBK75bU Enjoy!
  • 14)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 15:47:45
    I've felt the vertigo too. I felt that jumping was all that was needed to fall into the void, as if gravity were some magnetic boots about to malfunction.
  • 15)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 15:55:49
    Amazing. Reminds me of Richard Feynman's "Ode To A Flower": https://youtu.be/VSG9q_YKZLI
  • 16)Message de Arys posté le 26 August 2015 à 17:24:29
    Beautiful! I'm always a bit non-plussed when friends say that science negates poetry. I've always felt that science helps us translate the incredibly vast poetry of the universe around us! It's thrilling to think I am a small part of a huge universe but by a wonderful series of accidents and sciences I have perception of that universe. That gives me hope and faith in Life that no divinity ever has. :-)
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 August 2015 à 19:28:54
    Truth is stranger than fiction.
  • 18)Message de Marcus posté le 26 August 2015 à 20:46:00
    This was beautiful. Nice art, animation and text. It sums up what I feel when I look up into the night sky. Wondering if there's life under a icy moon's crust. Wondering if there is someone standing on the surface of a planet in the Andromeda galaxy I am currently watching, realizing it's light almost three million years old. So many have seen the recent pictures of the planets, seen mars' surface through their screens, but have never seen the small dot with a hint of ice and dirt with their own eyes. They walk through their life, eyes on their screen, while ignoring everything above them. It took me almost thirty years to get my first telescope. Despite being a fan of science-fiction I was simply not aware what even a used telescope for €20 will show, and that it can show so much! When I look up, I feel small for a moment. I feel big for a moment. It makes everything seem so much different. Problems suddenly don't seem to matter as much anymore.
  • 19)Message de Rebecca posté le 26 August 2015 à 21:36:45
    Stunningly beautiful! One of my very favorite comics you've done.
  • 20)Message de Anonymous posté le 27 August 2015 à 10:11:55
    So beautiful!
  • 21)Message de Dirk Bergstrom posté le 27 August 2015 à 15:39:18
    You continue to do the best and most innovative work in modern comics. This is amazing. It's also a great argument for the beauty of reality.
  • 22)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 August 2015 à 04:02:21
    I enjoyed every page!
  • 23)Message de Kelvin Pittman posté le 28 August 2015 à 05:59:37
    So beautiful, and true.
  • 24)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 August 2015 à 14:54:24
  • 25)Message de CUster posté le 28 August 2015 à 14:55:35
  • 26)Message de Rafael posté le 28 August 2015 à 18:10:02
    This comic made me realize that... I need to clean my monitor. Just last night I looked to the night sky, surprised that it was not cloudy, and say Orion rising, I thought, "its Orion, the summer is coming (south hemisphere here), if only I could see the nebula though". Science education certainly gives the eye more power of observation, and thus raises the likelihood to find beauty on natural things, not only in space but anywhere, in a drop of water, the translucent shade of a glass cup, the Marangoni effect on a drink, the engine of a car, the list goes on. Great work on the comic, as always, its awesome.
  • 27)Message de DaveBro posté le 29 August 2015 à 01:31:39
    Beautiful and moving, m'sieu. Merci. There is a song that also expresses the wonder of the sciences, if you will forgive a shameless plug: http://echoschildren.bandcamp.com/track/the-word-of-god To listen is gratis, as are the lyrics.
  • 28)Message de Robin Byron posté le 30 August 2015 à 16:39:16
    Inspirational and so well done. Thank you, Boulet.
  • 29)Message de Matt posté le 30 August 2015 à 19:50:35
    Thank you! You have brought up from deep in my memory that incredible gasping moment that comes when lying on the west grass, when one realizes how vast it all is, how empty between the stars, how tiny our Earth. Merci beaucoup!
  • 30)Message de Gil posté le 1 September 2015 à 09:27:07
    Also I love how whenever anyone posts a beautiful and masterfully done piece like this the comments fill up with awkward baby poets trying to recap the message in their own voices. Not sarcasm, I genuinely love it, and I hope that never stops happening.
  • 31)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 September 2015 à 12:46:35
  • 32)Message de Hector posté le 6 September 2015 à 20:37:54
    Amazing! "For what we know" should be "for all we know".
  • 33)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 September 2015 à 01:55:53
    This wonderful work embraces all that i love about astronomy and space. Mille merci pour cette belle histoire...
  • 34)Message de Fex posté le 7 September 2015 à 02:07:56
    "It only adds. I don't understand how it substracts." Richard Feynman
  • 35)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 September 2015 à 17:38:52
    Boulet, My brother has recently gotten into the Fermi Paradox and has taken up the argument that we are alone in the universe. I'm curious if you have any thoughts on this.
  • 36)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 September 2015 à 03:27:32
    i'm not tearing up at all! where was that telescope i used to have, again?
  • 37)Message de Katie posté le 22 September 2015 à 08:18:57
    Ah, Boulet, so close, and yet so far: The heavens declare the glory of God, And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Psalm 19:1-3
  • 38)Message de Anonymous posté le 20 October 2015 à 08:07:11
    Hi Boulet, wonderfull comics, however sad that there´s no new updates... Have you thought about publishing them in Danish? Or in English maybe?? best regards Brian - Comic fan since childhood
  • 39)Message de Andrea Belli posté le 10 November 2015 à 06:35:05
    Ciao Boulet, the question it's not "killing the wonder" but it's "being equals and not alone". The songs talk about have "noble" descendance (the gods) for all the human king, even for the poors. It's more powerful. The science can bring us a sense of wonder, not a sense of brotherness. I hope i explained myself. Bye bye, i love what you do. Andrea
  • 40)Message de Andrea Belli posté le 10 November 2015 à 06:35:46
    human kind*
  • 41)Message de vong posté le 17 September 2016 à 07:37:01
    Thank you.
  • 42)Message de Kayleen posté le 1 October 2016 à 23:23:27
    Sharp thginkni! Thanks for the answer.
  • 43)Message de Rei posté le 14 October 2019 à 16:06:57
    This note is STUNNING I'm happy I can say: Thanks I love the whole scrolling-story through pixel art, the animations, colors, vibes and lights, and the music in the background (of my head) I love the fish like quietly swimming in the darkness (of our knowledges) truelly, THANK YOU

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