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  • 1)Message de Lobi posté le 8 October 2013 à 21:38:03
    Awww, lovely comic. My childhood was very simmilar, except we had an old Austin Mini.
  • 2)Message de LoonAtic posté le 8 October 2013 à 21:38:39
    Wow ... an animated comic ... looks really cool and yep ... I remember that way of travelling as a kid ... those noises, lights and feelings ... thanx for the free time travel ;-)
  • 3)Message de Matt posté le 8 October 2013 à 21:53:14
    Love the style but I love the content even more. Fantastic. :)
  • 4)Message de Feliche posté le 8 October 2013 à 22:00:22
    Terriblement juste. Quelle nostalgie ! J'ai envie de retrouver ces sensations maintenant.
  • 5)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 October 2013 à 22:08:17
    this was incredibly sensitive and the attention to detail is deeply appreciated. you rule!
  • 6)Message de esh posté le 8 October 2013 à 22:16:31
    Eat your heart out, Proust (and your madeleine). This man has ART.
  • 7)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 October 2013 à 23:33:22
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 00:14:42
    Beautiful! Been following your comic for almost a year now but never comment. Today I find a reason to ps : i took me awhile to figure out where to type in the comment (chrome)
  • 9)Message de Ben posté le 9 October 2013 à 01:29:16
    The individual details might be different, but the feeling and the spirit of this is exactly the same for my childhood. Simply wonderful.
  • 10)Message de Flay_xis posté le 9 October 2013 à 02:45:06
    Beautiful comic!
  • 11)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 02:52:10
    amazing... touching.
  • 12)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 03:21:05
    Did you ever have strange dreams after a long car trip?
  • 13)Message de Y posté le 9 October 2013 à 03:34:00
    I saw myself on it. Beautiful.
  • 14)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 04:32:21
    This is poetry. Excellent.
  • 15)Message de Macdubhsith posté le 9 October 2013 à 04:53:42
    Beautiful/Si beau!
  • 16)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 05:03:27
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 05:22:36
    I loved it! this is one of your best ones yet! :)
  • 18)Message de Dude posté le 9 October 2013 à 05:43:36
    Grammar mistake : "Insist ON takING a taxi". This is really beautiful.
  • 19)Message de Dominic Carullo posté le 9 October 2013 à 08:27:12
    You do wonderful work. Thank you for allowing me to take part in it. Also, more so than anything else here tonight, know that you have three of the best bartenders in the City of Brotherly Love, let alone the east coat, to hep you with your project.
  • 20)Message de JennyB posté le 9 October 2013 à 08:48:47
    This is absolutely brilliant. Regardless of the nostalgia - which was intense for me, bringing back childhood memories - the craftsmanship and animation alone is just stunning. Thank you!
  • 21)Message de Massimo posté le 9 October 2013 à 09:14:33
    Brilliant! Bravo! Captures the essence of childhood memories.
  • 22)Message de M.C.Barrett posté le 9 October 2013 à 10:14:45
    This reminds me so much of the ride back home from my grandmother's house. When the closing theme music of the late-night airing of Doctor Who began (during which we invariably fell asleep somewhere in the second act), my brother and myself (my older sister was more accustomed to staying up late) would wake up, get our hugs goodbye, and make our sleepy way to the 1984 Honda Civic wagon. You've got the rest right here. This is lovely.
  • 23)Message de Stian posté le 9 October 2013 à 10:40:22
    This is one of the most lovely things I have seen in a long time! I also still love the smell of petrol :D
  • 24)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 10:42:23
    That was amazing. Thank you.
  • 25)Message de J-wah posté le 9 October 2013 à 11:12:03
    I really love this. What is it like to be as awesome as you?
  • 26)Message de Jesper posté le 9 October 2013 à 11:39:00
    Beautiful. I know exactly what you mean. Splendid use of animation in a comic as well, your mastery of every medium is impressive.
  • 27)Message de CultureFilePod posté le 9 October 2013 à 11:56:02
    Unbelievably beautiful. congratulations!
  • 28)Message de Glenn-o-matic posté le 9 October 2013 à 12:10:21
    1st class!!! In gracefully remembering those wonderful moments, priceless! (Maybe you should get a Toyota...)
  • 29)Message de pawprint posté le 9 October 2013 à 12:57:15
    Mon (distant) frere. There are some very good artists online, and some very good story tellers, too. Put them together and you are at the top — just sublime.
  • 30)Message de Tom posté le 9 October 2013 à 13:47:53
    Agree with everyone else, fantastic, brought back a lot of memories of driving across Europe to visit my family in Italy.
  • 31)Message de Sct posté le 9 October 2013 à 14:38:05
    Wow. That takes me straight back to 1977. Beautiful! Thanks!
  • 32)Message de Mark posté le 9 October 2013 à 15:14:37
    Beautiful comic; it captures the sense of being a child on a long car trip perfectly. I especially love the way you bring the sense of smell into it -- one of our most powerful conduits to memory.
  • 33)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 15:33:15
    rainNsunhsine... http://trinathsen.wordpress.com/ awesome... this is such a beautiful walk down the memory lane... brilliant work...
  • 34)Message de Stef Gaines posté le 9 October 2013 à 16:07:43
    I have no drivers license, but this is why I love traveling by car.
  • 35)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 18:47:48
    Thank you :)
  • 36)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 19:07:12
    What a beautiful comic, I take my hat off to you Sir.
  • 37)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 October 2013 à 22:38:14
    Our Toyota was Fantastic is truly fantastic. Thank you x
  • 38)Message de Pug posté le 9 October 2013 à 22:52:46
    Really beautiful
  • 39)Message de Sarah posté le 9 October 2013 à 23:30:01
    This is beautiful!! One of my fondest memories was riding in the back of the car watching everything fly by the windows. Reminds me of a line from the REM song "You Are the Everything" "windows wrap around to the sound of the travel and the engine"....lovely!!
  • 40)Message de Roger posté le 10 October 2013 à 00:23:08
    This was wonderful. My father owned a pickup truck that had a whine in the transmission, or a resonance in the drive shaft. Standard equipment on a 1960 Dodge. It mostly would only come out at night in the country. Keep up the good work. Don't listen to all the helpful people that correct your English. Yell Their! There! They're, until they go away
  • 41)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 05:49:51
    You're so awesome. I feel inspired.
  • 42)Message de Spider42 posté le 10 October 2013 à 06:55:42
    Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm a comic creator myself but stuff like this shows me that there is a whole other level to aim for - a wonderful piece that struck so many familiar chords. Thank you. Cheers.
  • 43)Message de Hylke posté le 10 October 2013 à 07:31:15
    I'd forgotten, thank you.
  • 44)Message de henrique posté le 10 October 2013 à 08:33:04
    this is beautiful, boulet! the most beautiful comic you ever published. great special effects. thanks for that.
  • 45)Message de Simon Rubaudo posté le 10 October 2013 à 08:56:48
    I just read your backseat story and was touched while sent back to the time where I was laying there - not in a Toyota but a Fiat. Wonderful told and vivid in its simple effects. Great work
  • 46)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 10:03:16
    Very well made...
  • 47)Message de Ionut posté le 10 October 2013 à 12:51:59
  • 48)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 13:17:16
    I saw this from tumblr and this is so amazing. i love this :)
  • 49)Message de Cjrostoph posté le 10 October 2013 à 14:36:57
    It's crazy: Until now I was thinking this to be an individual experience of mine. Now I see it's a collective one. The animation is great, the whole thing is definitely superior to your other works (which are still very good) and to the most of what I've seen during the last years. Thank you so for this time travel!
  • 50)Message de nitin v posté le 10 October 2013 à 15:42:00
    SO Beautiful!!!! Wish i had done it :) Thanks
  • 51)Message de graphitfreundin posté le 10 October 2013 à 16:31:04
    Oh my god! Thank you so much for the time travel!
  • 52)Message de Octave Ergebel posté le 10 October 2013 à 17:40:00
    With this one, you've been boingboinged for the second time !! This is a rare nerdy honor !! ;)
  • 53)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 18:01:24
    Erie how familiar this felt... Breathtaking!
  • 54)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 18:03:50
    Absolutely wonderful! Makes me think back to all those long car trips when I was a kid.
  • 55)Message de Allison Hicks posté le 10 October 2013 à 18:30:42
    this is really beautiful it made my heart move
  • 56)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 19:32:19
    I was with you though in the back seat of an old Chevrolet V8 that growled like a protective beast as it went through it's gears. Stretched out on the cloth back seat I smelled old dusty cotton as we cruised the rough two lane road roads of the 1950's. Thank you for taking me back to a time we never physically shared but shared none the less.
  • 57)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 20:34:48
    This brings back so many memories.
  • 58)Message de Bruce posté le 10 October 2013 à 21:36:39
    just so gorgeous. the moon in the trees - i'm tearing up. it brings me (49) right back to being that kid, in that car. thanks.
  • 59)Message de psychochamane posté le 10 October 2013 à 23:37:48
  • 60)Message de Christine posté le 11 October 2013 à 02:02:34
    Brought back memories with the sound track of a VW Microbus... when it was raining on the way home from my grandmother's house, we all looked like we had chickenpox when we passed under the street lights.
  • 61)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2013 à 08:50:07
  • 62)Message de JT posté le 11 October 2013 à 09:51:05
  • 63)Message de Alessio posté le 11 October 2013 à 11:06:56
    Man, you gave me the FEELS, the good ones. Thanks.
  • 64)Message de Peter Ravn Rasmussen posté le 11 October 2013 à 13:51:11
    Excellent comic, thanks for that. Really brought back memories.
  • 65)Message de Béliza posté le 11 October 2013 à 15:13:40
    Magnifique! Cela me rappelle beaucoup de souvenirs de mon enfance également, quand on partait au Portugal en voiture avec mes parents.
  • 66)Message de Ivan Chan posté le 11 October 2013 à 17:03:55
    That was beautiful! Thank you.
  • 67)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2013 à 18:14:56
    Great work. I really felt a connection to the art. Also it made me remember feelings I've had. I too love driving through tunnels. There is one in Detroit, MI that I have been through many times that reminds me of this because of the blinking.
  • 68)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 October 2013 à 01:41:24
    Ford Stationwagon was MY Toyota. Great, humble work my friend. In ALL aspects; story, detail, emotion, craft...right on the nail. Glad to be introduced to you. A new fan for life.
  • 69)Message de Lili posté le 12 October 2013 à 10:28:41
    Woah, tu es sur Boing Boing !
  • 70)Message de Yan Basque posté le 14 October 2013 à 03:20:33
    This comic kind of blew my mind. I spent much of my childhood in long night drives between my divorced parents places. Every sensory detail you've put in this comic rings 100% true and evokes very strong emotions. Je suis bouleversé.
  • 71)Message de Anonymous posté le 15 October 2013 à 10:21:02
    Beautiful :)
  • 72)Message de Http://Www.Nexopia.Com/ posté le 15 October 2013 à 14:48:56
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  • 73)Message de LBH posté le 15 October 2013 à 15:45:31
    Lovely! Resonates with me, even though we live in the States. Fewer tunnels. And the best thing was listening to my father play with the AM radio until he picked up skip from a far away mega-watt station playing reruns of The Lone Ranger or The Green Hornet, long after OTR was no longer in style--the early 60s. Thanks for the lovely memories showing that both sides of our pond have a lot in common.
  • 74)Message de Anonymous posté le 16 October 2013 à 06:32:08
    this is awesome, since I have just bought a toyota :) this quite relates to what my daughter must be feeling :)
  • 75)Message de Andrew_C posté le 16 October 2013 à 10:28:43
    Awesome, simply awesome. And like everyone else is saying, thanks for the free time travel :)
  • 76)Message de kat posté le 17 October 2013 à 18:39:19
    this is not a comic, it's a beautiful little film. i don't know how many times i've said "This is the best Boulet yet!" but here i go again :)
  • 77)Message de Anonymous posté le 17 October 2013 à 23:21:13
    This resonates like a golden gong deep into my soul. Everything in this comic reminds me of the "good-ol' days." Man, what a trip.
  • 78)Message de Anatol Radelet posté le 21 October 2013 à 16:23:07
    c'est aussi bien en anglais qu'en french ! le voyage en voiture les bruits les odeurs (hum déjà entendu ça) une partie de mon enfance ... bravo !
  • 79)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 October 2013 à 16:34:21
    That was incredible....thank you.
  • 80)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 October 2013 à 01:38:22
    This was amazing. Thank you so much. Reminded me of my childhood and was much needed on a very bad day for me
  • 81)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 October 2013 à 08:59:44
    Posted this on fb, this is my idea of art. 24 year old bro who was taken back in time thanx to your art.
  • 82)Message de sedna posté le 28 October 2013 à 23:37:42
    Wow, that was awesome. Small trip down memory-lane, with memories I didn't even have.
  • 83)Message de Anonymous posté le 29 October 2013 à 06:10:08
    Vendo CHevy modelo 70 cuatro puertas sin papeles.
  • 84)Message de Anonymous posté le 29 October 2013 à 15:54:16
    I really love this comic, makes me feel like I'm 5 Years old all over again
  • 85)Message de Nicholas Snell posté le 30 October 2013 à 17:55:19
    This is wonderful.
  • 86)Message de Anonymous posté le 31 October 2013 à 06:23:03
    This was a cross between Bukowski and e.e.cummings with some Arkham Asylum thrown in! great stuff, thanks!
  • 87)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 November 2013 à 20:35:52
  • 88)Message de Another former Toyota user posté le 13 November 2013 à 10:12:21
    This, monsieur, is the most beautiful and touching thing I ever saw on the net, and I've been around since the days of Usenet and Gopher. To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, if this isn't art, I don't know what is. Apart from bringing back my own distant childhood cosily-dozing-off-in-my-parent's car memories you should know that just recently I sold our Toyota, beloved family car of ten years, in which my kids (two of which grown-up now, one in the last stages of childhood/teenagerdom transfer) had experienced these same wonderful feelings... Let's just say this work of yours came around exactly in time. And an extra thanks for the additional "scene" on this comment page. This thing below his eye - now does anybody know what _that_ could be? ;-)
  • 89)Message de K. Edwards posté le 15 November 2013 à 13:55:43
    Translator notes for the "Childhood Car Ride" comic (I'm born-and-raised American! :3 ): Most of it is really good! A few notes, though... Format below. "Corrected." <<< What was wrong. "Sometimes my father would light a cigarette." <<< Not "Sometime." "And sometimes the turn signal would go: tac! tac!" <<< Not "sometime," again. "The aggressive neon light of the gas station." <<< Spelling error for "agressive." "I would hide 'til it was over." <<< Technically an abbreviation of "until", so. "I wonder why you always insist on taking a taxi..." <<< Better way to phrase it than "I wonder why you always insist to take a taxi..." "... the subway is so much cheaper." <<< "... the subway is far less expensive." is OK, but for some reason my American brain wants to use positives, here! Go figure. But again, really good English, if this is all I found (I used to be a copy editor)! :3 Good job!
  • 90)Message de euphemia posté le 22 November 2013 à 00:18:43
    Your animated comic is so evocative. This has to be the new wave in comics. I'm older, but I still remember exactly the same sensations, being a kid in the back of a car. Parents murmuring voices fading in, out. A couple of differences are that many of my memories are of massive, 50s Buicks. The back seats of those things were like sofas. There was a wide platform under the back window, and I used to crawl up there, seatbelt-less, completely blocking my father's view from the back, to watch the moon. No one cared; it was the Mad Men days before kids were pinioned to car seats. We crawled around everywhere. I realize that the lack of safety was terrible, but I also sometimes think of modern kids who will never have the memory of lying in that space, in a moving car, watching the moon. What a wonderful gift you have.
  • 91)Message de perra verde posté le 10 December 2013 à 10:19:35
    Beautiful, evocative and nostalgic...BUT the last vignette is terribly translated... its not 'I don't know why you insist TO take a taxi' its 'why you insist ON taking a taxi'. Lack of basic translation skills there. Otherwise, delightful.
  • 92)Message de Anonymous posté le 16 December 2013 à 11:02:29
    Similar wonderful memories came rushing back to me. Thank you.
  • 93)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 December 2013 à 06:21:06
    This was fantastic, I had flash backs to my childhood and the cross country trips my parents would drag me on. At that point in my life I was almost more comfortable sleeping in the backseat of a car than at home in my bed.
  • 94)Message de how to make Dubstep music Free posté le 12 January 2014 à 17:27:53
    I have read so many articles regarding the blogger lovers however this paragraph is in fact a nice post, keep it up.
  • 95)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 January 2014 à 21:06:07
    amazing work! besides being a feeling I relate to, this was amazing! thanks!
  • 96)Message de Anonymous posté le 30 January 2014 à 19:49:34
    Better English translation, panel 11 (or 12 ?) "It was better than the plastic smell of the car." "Stench" isn't wrong, but a child wouldn't use it. Most adults don't. It used more in literary English, not colloquial. For example, in the comments here, you will find several uses of the word "smell," but not one "stench." Wonderful, evocative comic. I will show this to my children when they get home from school.
  • 97)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 February 2014 à 17:56:55
    awesome AWESOME AWESOME.
  • 98)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 February 2014 à 00:29:37
    This hit a lot of heart strings for me. You captured the scenario and feeling of the night car ride perfectly. Amazing and inspiring.
  • 99)Message de Jorge posté le 5 February 2014 à 10:34:21
    Impressionnant... wonderful... maravilloso
  • 100)Message de Nicodemus Jancewicz posté le 9 March 2014 à 07:08:10
    Hits close to home, love it! Keep up the good work!
  • 101)Message de Zidders Roofurry posté le 8 April 2014 à 13:05:47
    I just had to add to the comments praising your work. As someone said below, "This isn't a comic, it's a beautiful little film". Thank you <3
  • 102)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2014 à 21:30:09
  • 103)Message de blog de voyage en Europe posté le 27 September 2014 à 10:31:56
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  • 104)Message de Cumberledge posté le 15 October 2014 à 21:49:12
    Bonne journae (:-DD) ..
  • 105)Message de blog posté le 20 October 2014 à 20:12:04
    Laa?gypte est bien entendu un incontournable, que j’adorerai visiter un jour.
  • 106)Message de CASA posté le 20 October 2014 à 21:23:14
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  • 107)Message de Anonymous posté le 27 October 2014 à 09:20:10
    That was soo cool! I love this! Why am I just finding out about you now!?!?!? I can practically feel and smell everything in these blocks it's insane thank you for making this !!
  • 108)Message de Anonymous posté le 31 October 2014 à 07:15:15
    One of the most charming, evocative and lovely pieces of art I've seen on the internet. Thank you.
  • 109)Message de honda jazz posté le 12 January 2015 à 05:29:13
    If some one wants expert view regarding blogging then i propose him/her to go to see this blog, Keep up the pleasant work.
  • 110)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 March 2015 à 12:50:04
    This is what true art looks like. Bravo. Dan Zollinger
  • 111)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 May 2015 à 22:21:48
    Powerful stuff! Sent me cascading back to my childhood...childhood...childhood...
  • 112)Message de Anonymous posté le 30 August 2015 à 22:09:46
    Love this. So atmospheric and nostalgic, all at once. Amazing x
  • 113)Message de Informma posté le 9 September 2015 à 07:24:45
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  • 114)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 October 2015 à 10:42:02
    RThat reminded me of my childhood,whilst traveling down south
  • 115)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 April 2016 à 11:26:30
    This brings me so much nostalgia and joy to read as I gazed into the crystal ball of my memories. Thank you
  • 116)Message de Anonymous posté le 15 July 2016 à 02:45:15
    This made me feel so safe and comfortable. I'm going to save this for a bad day. Beautiful.
  • 117)Message de mmn posté le 3 August 2016 à 19:11:13
  • 118)Message de Dan posté le 23 January 2017 à 20:33:38
    An absolutely perfect encapsulation of my childhood memories. Beautiful, and thank you.
  • 119)Message de Anonymous posté le 26 January 2017 à 13:13:56
    Still the most awesome comic I've read after the years. Always makes me smile and brings a tear to my eye.
  • 120)Message de Job Search Engine posté le 4 February 2017 à 09:33:51
    Excellent site. Plenty of useful information here. I am sending it to some buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks in your effort!
  • 121)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 July 2017 à 19:29:50
    So well done.
  • 122)Message de Wendy Hsu posté le 22 July 2017 à 18:33:58
    I love the idea of motions to show the light and shadow, it's a nice way to show how time pass through. But I think keep most of texts still would be better for reading.
  • 123)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 October 2017 à 23:15:00
    guess comment 123 is kind of... extra? but i really like those comics of yours that have this <> thing like this one
  • 124)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 March 2018 à 06:07:45
    SUPERB! I remember traveling with my parents and sisters when I was a kid. I always loved looking out the windows. And I remember falling asleep in the back seat at night and waking up later and just staring out the window and up in the sky I could see one or two stars. It's nice to know other people value these things too. OLD MAN VOICE: :In MY day, we didn't iPADS or twitter or the iNTERNET, WE USED TO CALL POPELE ON THE PHONE! AND IT WAS ALANDLINE TOO! And no one had answering machines, so if no answered, you'd have to try again later or tomorrow, grump grump grump..............
  • 125)Message de freepsncodes posté le 4 September 2018 à 11:56:38
    this is very nice my friends
  • 126)Message de Rei posté le 14 October 2019 à 15:33:23
    Merci, Tant de souvenirs et sensation qui resurgissent Magnifique note (autant du point de vue technique que poétique :P)
  • 127)Message de Anonymous posté le 31 July 2020 à 10:54:33
    i love your work so much :')

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    • Q : I can’t translate, but is there anything else I can do to help ?

      Even if it’s written in english, it’s not easy to share this webcomic: in France I can rely on cartoonist friends or specialized reeferers to share, but it’s very difficult to make people discover my work in other countries !

      So if you want to help, it’s very easy: you can share with your friends ! If you have friends who don’t speak french, tell them about this page, and use social networks to share the comics you liked !

    • Q : How did you make this layout ?

      First, this blog was programmed with flash.

      But flash is a very heavy format, and very difficult to share. A few months ago, I decided to rebuild it whith a different platform. I discussed about this with Arnold on Twitter. He’s very good with WordPress, so I designed and he made this happen !


    • Q : Can I use the same layout for my blog ?

      WordPress is supposed to be a free-sharing platform, but we worked a lot on this, and we don’t specially want that anyone could use it without consulting us.

      The layout programming is Arnold’s, so you can ask him and he will be the only judge ! If he likes your work, I think he will be happy to authorize you to use this !

      His contact is at the bottom of the site, on the main page.

    • Q : Where can we buy your work ? Do you have a shop with posters, mugs or T-shirts ?

      For now, there’s not such a thing. I try to keep this the less “commercial” I can. But maybe I will change my mind some day !

      The only available work I have in english are the two books I drew for the serie “Dungeon” with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. Ask for it in any comic book shop ! The more you ask them to order it, the easiest will it get to obtain !
      If you want to have a better translation of this webcomic, you just have to harass US and UK publishers, till one of them agrees to publish it in english :)

      For my french work, I drew a lot of books, here’ the entire list:

      Glénat Editions:


      Tome 1 : Dragon Junior

      Tome 2 : Fées et Gestes

      Tome 3 : Terreurs de la nature

      Tome 4 : Légendes urbaines

      Tome 5 : Tempus Fugit

      Tome 6 : Casus Belli

      -La Rubrique Scientifique

      Tome 1

      Tome 2

      Tome 3

      -Le Miya (with Reno, Julien Néel and Libon)

      -Womoks (only scenario, drawing by Reno)

      Tome 1 : Mutant, suspends ton vol…

      Tome 2 : Le croiseur s’amuse

      Tome 3 : Albon, les brutes et les truands


      La boîte à bulles Edition:

      -Le vœu de…

      Tome 1 : Le vœu de Marc (coscenarist with Nicolas Wild, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      Tome 2 : Le vœu de Simon (coscenarist with Lucie Albon, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      -Amour et Désir (Collectif, seven pages under the alias Ella Forbin)


      -Delcourt Edition:

      -Donjon (avec Lewis Trondheim et Joann Sfar au scénario, et Lucie Albon à la couleur)

      Tome 5 : Un mariage à part

      Tome 6 : Retour en fanfare

      -Notes (these are the compilations of all the entries of the french blog)

      Tome 1 : Born to be a larve

      Tome 2 : Le petit théâtre de la rue

      Tome 3 : La viande, c’est la force

      Tome 4 : Songe est Mensonge

      Tome 5 : Quelques Minutes avant la Fin du Monde

      Tome 6 : Debout mes globules ! (à paraître, 23 novembre 2011)

      -Chicou-Chicou (under the alias Ella Forbin, with Aude Picault, Domitille Collardey, Lisa Mandel and Erwann Surcouf)

      -Boule de neige (collective compilation of works for the 24-hours comics of Angoulême )

      -La Maison Close (collective book by Ruppert et Mulot)

      -La Page Blanche (scenarist, drawing by Pénélope Bagieu. Release in january 2012)

      -Bragelonne Edition:

      -Tous malades ! (original title: Now we’re Sick) (illustrations for a collection of adult poems by Neil Gaiman and other authors, with Reno and Mélaka)

      -Erik le Viking (illustrations of the french version of Terry Jones’s book)

      -L’almanach illustré 2008. (texts by Laurent Genefort and Gudule)


      Nekomix :

      -Soupir (collectif)

      Tome 1, 2008

      Tome 2, 2009

      -Nekomix 7 spécial cinéma (collectif)


      -Barclay-Universal :

      -Repenti (Illustrations for Renan Luce’s album, christmas edition)

    • Q : Can I use one of your comics to print a shirt / a poster / to put it on my blog / to illustrate my book / magazine ?

      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
      -You can use one panel or two if you are making a citation (for example: if you write an article about my work or about webcomics in general, you can show a couple of pictures, without asking me. You just have to put the source under it: my name and the blog’s URL, clikable if your article is on internet. You don’t specially have to tell me, but it would be nice)
      -If you want to share a story on internet, the way I like better is one panel, clikable, redirecting to my original blog.
      -You can use a comic or more for pedagogic use if it’s a non-commercial use: if you’re a teacher and you need a printing from the blog for your class, if you’re a student and need an illustration for an essay or your thesis, I’m totally ok if you respect these two conditions: you have to ask me FIRST (because I wouldn’t like to illustrate something I totally disagree with), and the use must be completely NON-COMMERCIAL (you CAN’T sell it, no matter the format), NON-POLITIC (especially if you are a kind of nationalist NRA douchebag) and NON-RELIGIOUS (I’m an atheist, and I work for no church or cult)

    • Q : Can I buy you an original artwork ?

      I don’t really need mone for now, so I don’t sell my original works… So no !
      And I have a lot of work waiting to be done, so I don’t have time to make special drawings for birthdays, christmas presents or stuff like that !

    • Q : I’m very rich and I want to hire you / I want to publish your work

      Ok, send me an email and we’ll see ! :)
      I’m not specially looking for work now, but if you have something nice to propose, maybe we can find an arrangement !
      If you want to publish material from this blog, my publisher shares the copyrights with me, so you have to contact him ! look for “editions Delcourt” on the web !