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  • 1)Message de Yummie posté le 4 September 2013 à 20:17:56
    A nice story ! Now I want to see mustache at Portland ! And you don't want to have a cute ironic mustache ?
  • 2)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 September 2013 à 21:38:33
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that your comics always inspire me. They're very entertaining and can also be very deep at times. I love reading stuff like this.
  • 3)Message de Anne posté le 4 September 2013 à 22:54:40
    Hi! I don’t know if you are still looking for grammatical correction for the English version. If you are not, please disregard my message, but if you are, frame number 9: “it must some kind (…)” should be “it must be some kind”. Your English is amazing so it’s probably a typo anyway. Ah ah, it’s true that compare to Portland the rest of the Us seems a little dull… Thanks for your work, as always.
  • 4)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 September 2013 à 00:56:57
    The "Bible in every hotel" holds up across the entire southeast. I have literally never been to a hotel without bibles. I have been to some that also had a Book of Mormon.
  • 5)Message de Nick posté le 5 September 2013 à 02:57:53
    I think the "Bible in every hotel" thing is because there are some religious groups that distribute them free to hotels to spread their religion. Gideon International is famous for doing this.
  • 6)Message de kat posté le 5 September 2013 à 04:27:44
    Hahahahahahaha you have summed up why I avoid the cities here on the west coast of North America. TOO MANY HIPSTERS.... come on admit it, Pacific Northwest City People (and this includes you, Tofino) ... you all look RIDICULOUS Your "Portland Looks" is like Dyna Moe's "Hipster Animals" only it's Hipster Humans LOL "Ironic Man" is too awesome!! i love the idea of a hotel with blackboard doors!
  • 7)Message de Glenn-o-matic posté le 5 September 2013 à 05:37:57
    Some people say, "Portland: Don't Go There!!" But since you've been to Portland you can say that if you want now. Pff. You can have a blackboard door anywhere. If the aliens landed in Portland they would fit right in and nobody would know they were there... Kind of makes you wonder, eh????
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 September 2013 à 06:02:23
    We don't mind Portlandia being about us. Everyone I know says "That's exactly how we are."
  • 9)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 September 2013 à 07:36:17
    Indeed, I did a quick search:
  • 10)Message de hipolithe posté le 5 September 2013 à 07:37:53
    indeed, I did a quick search:
  • 11)Message de J-wah posté le 5 September 2013 à 07:46:39
    As a native to the area (I'm from Eugene--an equally weird, but more hippie incarnation of Portland), I am thrilled about Portland's recognition as a cool and weird place. Portland is not as ironic as hipster-haters like to think. Many of the "starving artists" and entrepreneurs driving purple limos and wearing tutus giant 'staches are the real deal and do it because they actually just want to do their thing, have some fun, and not get judged all the time. Luckily I think that they have found the one place where they can do just that.
  • 12)Message de boulet posté le 5 September 2013 à 10:36:18
    I would like to understand what's the big deal with hipsters? These people seemed quite nice to me. Saying "they look ridiculous" is a bit easy, you can say the same for hippies, punks, goths, emo, people in suits... I can understand the amuzement, the surprise, but the hatred of hipsters sounds a bit stupid to me. It reminds me people who have this huge, red-hot HATE for the comic sans MS. I always want to say: "ok you don't like that, well, too bad. Me? I don't mind and above all: I don't CARE. It's not really a national scandal and I have a life." The hipsters I met were smart, cultivated people, concerned by health and environnement, loving pop-culture, music, movies, TVshow, comics... I mean, you can say they are mostly rich white people who had it easy, but I really have seen much worse than them!
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 September 2013 à 16:08:45
    Basically, Americans like to have something to rage at. Not seriously, for the most part, just a scapegoat to make fun of when having a beer or ranting online. Hipsters make a good target because, like you said, they're a bunch of rich white kids (a universal target for mocking throughout the US) so what do they have to complain about?
  • 14)Message de WaytoomanyUID's posté le 5 September 2013 à 21:47:03
    Basically, hipsters are now mainstream so some people think if your hip you have to hate them. But hating hipsters is even more mainstream. So really they should just chill.
  • 15)Message de AJ Ward posté le 6 September 2013 à 00:17:56
    Thanks for judging my entire city by one subset of the population. Seriously, I really appreciate it.
  • 16)Message de WaytoomanyUIDs posté le 6 September 2013 à 11:16:52
    Oh, and I think that the Manly Guys Doing Manly Stuff comic with Syndrome is relevant to the present debate about hipsters: (hope it's OK to include links, gut its easy enough to google if it isn't)
  • 17)Message de boulet posté le 6 September 2013 à 11:56:34
    AJ Ward: I'm not judging anything, I'm just telling my small experience. I didn't spend a lot of time in Portland, I'm sorry I didn't have time to knock to every door.
  • 18)Message de kat posté le 6 September 2013 à 23:13:12
    Ahhh well i certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. Of course hipsters look ridiculous. Isn't that the point? Doesn't the world need more ridiculousness? Hate's too strong a word... i don't "hate" hipsters (or anyone - i just seem to feel better when they're not around), but i have to admit it is fun sometimes to get under the skin of people who take themselves too seriously. I guess sometimes it rubs me the wrong way when city people "ironically" use as fashion statements, clothing worn for a purpose by the rural poor and working class. I went to art school, a long time ago.... and i remember that some artists made their personal appearance part of their self-expression, while others dressed very plainly and unobtrusively. I have absolutely nothing against self expression. To each his own. But if you dress to be stared at, you have to expect to be laughed at sometimes too. But -- I left city living behind a long time ago. I live in a small logging town, and i work on the ocean in the middle of nowhere. The next populated area to the west of me is Japan. My life has (by design) almost no other human beings in it. Although I can appreciate urban tourists for the money they bring in to depressed resource economies like those i live and work in, it is hard sometimes not to shake my head at the way they dress. I haven't owned a TV in 30 years so i've never seen "Portlandia". However, I want to visit Portland because of the music and the food -- and was hoping to go to Stumptown (to meet Boulet!) but i had to settle for flying back to Toronto for TCAF. I went to art school in Toronto but I had not been there in 10 years. Boulet it is true, i did fly all that way just to meet you. And when i was in art school, back in the 1980s, people looked down their noses at the few of us who were drawing comics. How far the art world has come! While at TCAF another artist i met was Lucy Bellwood. She and I had fun comparing our rope-callused "sailor hands" and we shared a few stories about our love of the sea. There were a lot of really cool people at TCAF but I cannot handle crowds... I was only good for a couple hours at the show itself, and did not go to any parties. hopefully we are a ways off from trendy fashionistas acquiring "ironic" calluses, gumboot tans, or other signs of outdoor work.... but i wouldn't say it's impossible.... :)
  • 19)Message de MadH posté le 7 September 2013 à 04:43:13
    You know, I still haven't met a single person who dresses stereotypically "hipster" that says it's ironic. They just like to dress like that. It isn't even isolated to rich white kids anymore. It's just a thing. I'd rather spend my hate-money elsewhere to be honest. There's people out there doing legitimately bad things that deserve the shame more. Besides, flannel is really comfy and warm...
  • 20)Message de Kopetc posté le 7 September 2013 à 16:58:54
    He-he... My type is Pic.3! Less hair though :-) Nice story and acute observation made, great work!
  • 21)Message de Shael posté le 7 September 2013 à 20:16:40
    when you gaze long at a hipster, the hipster also gazes at you. It's ironic.
  • 22)Message de Marie posté le 8 September 2013 à 09:34:22
    I just found this on the net… I just thought it would go very well with the general tone of this particular note ^^. NOW, I truly see what you mean, Boulet.
  • 23)Message de Love Vigilante posté le 8 September 2013 à 22:06:25
    Hipsters are annoying because the whole sensibility is an affected, studied, self-conscious contrivance that is mostly superficial...they are the 21st Century version of the British Mods.
  • 24)Message de Stian posté le 9 September 2013 à 11:39:19
    The Dreeeeam of the 90s is Aliiiive in Portlaaaaaand!! Portlandia is a great series. "This is real roots reggae. We don't mess around"
  • 25)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 September 2013 à 23:12:44
    What would have been REALLY ironic is condoms+bible in the hotel room.
  • 26)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 September 2013 à 14:56:29
    haha, I do the Ginger Ale thing too. I almost never drink it otherwise.
  • 27)Message de MCBarrett posté le 14 September 2013 à 08:25:56
    I live amongst the hip folk in urban Seattle, and my impression is that when people enjoy living all over their city environs and aren't shoved away into little suburban kingdom-fortresses, they will naturally feel comfortable making an outward expression of how their life makes them feel. Cities bring out different ideas than suburbs because everyone has to share the space, and a specifically-chosen appearance is one item you can bring to this potluck. They're not really trying to freak anyone out (unless they are); they just had an idea and want to see what you think, maybe get a laugh. You get to be part-clown if you like, a bit of everyday theatre. I like to pretend I live in a science fiction setting, maybe something by Samuel Delaney. Life is so much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about wearing your clothes incorrectly, getting the wrong haircut, wearing the wrong color or whatever. The rules are made up, they don't mean anything. Anyone who says they do is afraid of ideas.
  • 28)Message de Kevin posté le 20 September 2013 à 19:19:07
    I live way out in the country. Like goat * cow farm central. People out here don't really care about how they dress. It's generally practical ware over stylish. But if you see people out around town, it's pretty flashy. But nobody is super particular about fashion, a lot of stuff is home made, or thrift store bought. It makes it have a certain style.
  • 29)Message de Wick posté le 20 September 2013 à 20:26:29
    Apparently we all have either smartphones or those horrible red plastic party cups... I love the mustache on the heart!
  • 30)Message de Roger posté le 23 September 2013 à 20:11:44
    My old boss said that was the definition of mixed emotions: Your daughter comes home with a Gideon's bible. ( The only place to acquire a Gideon's Bible is a motel room.)
  • 31)Message de Anonymous posté le 27 September 2013 à 23:45:51
    as much as I LOVE portland, next time do take the one hour trip to Vancouver from there! It's just like portland, but more... global
  • 32)Message de Dylan posté le 29 September 2013 à 15:22:25
    Salut à toi cher dessinateur adoré! Pour info', je crois bien que "moto" prend en fait 2 "t" en anglais; soit "motto", non? A tout bientôt sur ton blog! Dylan
  • 33)Message de Modang posté le 7 October 2013 à 07:45:13
    j'imagine le mec qui es tombé sur tes dessins ci-dessus !!! Sinon juste pour te dire mon cher Boulet que t'as interré à assurer en texte en anglais, because tous les matins je chope dans tes bd des mots et expressions pour peaufiner justement mon anglais... à bon entendeur ;)
  • 34)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 March 2015 à 13:49:39
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  • 35)Message de Rei posté le 23 October 2019 à 13:11:13
    I LOVE THE DOOR! (I'm starting to think doing the same at my home...)

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