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  • 1)Message de Kobal posté le 2 August 2013 à 14:59:34
    Wow. Just wow. ...and Cthulhu.
  • 2)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:34:11
    Thank you.
  • 3)Message de Eugene posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:35:49
    I love how you translated the "leap of faith" line :D
  • 4)Message de Margot posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:38:06
    J'adore la traduction de "A leap of faith" par "Allons-y !".
  • 5)Message de Alex Knisely posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:40:37
    How very lucky we are to know about your work... No one's like you, Boulet. No one at all.
  • 6)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:43:07
    Merci so much Mr.Boulet pour ces 9 années.
  • 7)Message de Fer posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:46:39
    Very different and so cool. Great imagination!
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:49:13
    Tu t'est pris pour moebius mec!
  • 9)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:51:27
    I red it by listening Coconut - Silver light (music from hotline miami, a pixel art game) and it fit very well with this note
  • 10)Message de LadyAstronomer posté le 2 August 2013 à 15:52:06
    Marvelous!! I love it when you get bored. :-) Congratulations on 9 years! May there be many more anniversaries! As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts and talent with us!
  • 11)Message de t.g. xarbala posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:19:29
    holy shit boulet Your imagination is the best.
  • 12)Message de Stef Gaines posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:33:03
    BEAUTIFUL And thank you so much for making your comics
  • 13)Message de Saoki posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:40:38
    Wow. Lindo pra caralho (in portuguese, because the native language expresses the feeling better ;). Now paging Scott McCloud. ^^
  • 14)Message de Katie posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:43:13
    What you're looking for is God. Skip the religious nonsense, go directly to the Bible, and see for yourself.
  • 15)Message de Yann posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:43:51
    J'suis bluffe, graphiquement vraiment balaize. Keep it up, moar plz man :-D !
  • 16)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 16:47:09
    Congrats on 9 years! We are all lucky to have you translate all this for us and draw phenomenal stories!
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 17:10:48
    Congratulations on nine years anniversary, love your work.
  • 18)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 17:50:50
    ok, boulet has an incredible lung capacity, why not. He is undestructible, acceptable. Nazi at the centre of earth, well, at least it's not the moon. BUT! Dinosaurs without feathers! now THAT is nonsense. Please correct that and add some nice feathers to it (I think they may be pinks, but I don't have the facts to prove that, don't worry I'm on it). A scientist that will further shatter your dream with reality.
  • 19)Message de Antek posté le 2 August 2013 à 17:53:13
    Bravo! That was bananas! You are awesomely amazing Please never stop making comics!
  • 20)Message de Nams posté le 2 August 2013 à 17:54:05
    Congratulations on 9 years! This is the most amazing comic I've read in the past year, and one of your greatest pieces. To be honest towards the end I got extremely worried you'd announce that you quit your webcomic! I don't know what I'd do then.
  • 21)Message de René posté le 2 August 2013 à 17:57:02
    This was the most amazing "comic" i have seen since EVER! Brilliant!!
  • 22)Message de The Code Crimson posté le 2 August 2013 à 18:08:08
    You have officially blown my mind in every way possible. And epic journey, beautifully told. I'm in love with this comic.
  • 23)Message de Daniel J. Hogan posté le 2 August 2013 à 18:09:32
    Lovely! Excellent work.
  • 24)Message de martin posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:04:10
    wow dude, this is truly great! i love the scenery and the lights!
  • 25)Message de Spike Matthews posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:09:43
    Thank you so much for translating this! I loved all the little jokes that weren't necessarily obvious right away. Am I imagining things or was there a little reference to The Little Prince in there?
  • 26)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:16:14
  • 27)Message de Loup Garou posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:43:41
    Geezus, that was brilliant! Thanks very much.
  • 28)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:46:45
    that was kool
  • 29)Message de Goof Salimans posté le 2 August 2013 à 19:58:14
    Fantastic scroll event, liked it very much, thanks, goof
  • 30)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 21:07:13
    Thank you. That comic was amazing. I love the way you used scrolling to affect time, lighting, and create tension. Your use of space to tell story is masterful! -Bobby Tomio
  • 31)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 23:01:19
  • 32)Message de Eduardo posté le 2 August 2013 à 23:17:56
    Usually I don't comment on the site... but I have to say, this comic was AMAZING!!!!! I don't have words to say how this was great (maybe because I don't know very well how to speak in english hahah)! Congratulations for the good work!!! o/
  • 33)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 August 2013 à 23:39:39
    Oh man, I could've done with a high velocity mermaid kiss today.
  • 34)Message de esh posté le 3 August 2013 à 02:27:25
    Merci Boulet, for taking us on your journey of the soul.
  • 35)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 04:12:42
    Gorgeous. And I don't like anything.
  • 36)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 04:48:54
    wow, this is really beautiful
  • 37)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 05:58:59
    I am speechless. Awe. Just.... awe...
  • 38)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 06:45:52
    just awesome.. :)
  • 39)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 07:02:02
    I think this is one of my favorite things I've ever seen. Not just a favorite thing by you, but a favorite thing ever, of all time. I think this was a wonderful story and so beautifully made. Thank you.
  • 40)Message de Notmarkflynn posté le 3 August 2013 à 07:18:52
    I had sound effects in my head for the first time you went under water. Amazing stuff.
  • 41)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 10:00:24
    oh my god......wow.....im stunned. what a ride. Incredible intensive. Thank you for what you were sharing the last nine years. Your work is one of the small hidden jewels giving me a smile in my daily life. Like unwrapping presents.... best whishes for the next nine....
  • 42)Message de Renée Roussel posté le 3 August 2013 à 11:11:09
    C'est vraiment génial. J'adore, I had the feeling I was falling down too and doing the same weird and fantastic trip ! Bravo :) Please some more !
  • 43)Message de Rafael posté le 3 August 2013 à 11:13:41
    Ahah extra pic for those who comment! This was, is, and forever will be, Beautiful!
  • 44)Message de Tony Marmalado posté le 3 August 2013 à 12:20:20
    Bravo sir! Here's to nine more years!
  • 45)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 12:45:07
    This was AWESome!!! just awesome...loved it.....thanks sooo much
  • 46)Message de Cristina posté le 3 August 2013 à 13:06:51
    Congratulations for the 9 years of amazingness!
  • 47)Message de Miam posté le 3 August 2013 à 13:15:47
    Très cool !
  • 48)Message de Glenn-o-matic posté le 3 August 2013 à 13:38:30
    The poster-child for creativity and the imagination? Could be. This piece is excellent with twists and turns of hair-raising adventure!! BUT (1): Nobody could hold their breath that long, EVEN IN THEIR IMAGINATION & (2) You'd need at least one change of underwear! Pretty good, but I'm sure you can do better. Yes, lots of time for that...
  • 49)Message de Patrice posté le 3 August 2013 à 13:58:33
    I assume it is my duty as a Gramar Nazi to correct your Google-Translate-German: -No guard would shout "stoppen" - you would better write "Halt, stehenbleiben!" or "Anhalten!" -I guess "Scheiße Französisch" is supposed to mean "fucking french" (a french person, not the language) in which case it translates to "Scheiß Franzose!" The other phrases should be -Dinosaurier -Oh nein, er hat Karl getötet! -Stirb, kommunistische Eidechse! Gern geschehen
  • 50)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 14:21:31
  • 51)Message de Rob Stenzinger posté le 3 August 2013 à 15:24:20
    Loved this comic, from the story to the subtle and shifting color palette to the excellent bonus gag near the comment form. AWESOME WORK!
  • 52)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 18:10:02
    This is the most amazing thing that I've saw about webcomics lately. Congratulations, good job :)
  • 53)Message de Bartu posté le 3 August 2013 à 18:11:00
    This is the most amazing thing that I've saw about webcomics lately. Congrats, good job :)
  • 54)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 18:13:07
  • 55)Message de Dex posté le 3 August 2013 à 19:06:15
    Thank you so much for this :)
  • 56)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 August 2013 à 19:18:57
    How very lucky I am to have found this. I feel alive again. Your artwork and your story is stunning. You just took me on an awesome journey, to the depths of hell and back. Lots of love and thanks for everything. :)
  • 57)Message de Rodrigo Cerqueira Lopes posté le 3 August 2013 à 20:14:55
    Take my money.
  • 58)Message de Balthasar posté le 3 August 2013 à 21:32:59
    Haha, I love the Arne Saknussem graffito :-D
  • 59)Message de Kopetc posté le 3 August 2013 à 22:30:26
    Great work! But why didn't you leave any graffiti of your own?)
  • 60)Message de Rodrigo O V posté le 4 August 2013 à 03:14:44
    I'm speechless, this was just... WOW
  • 61)Message de kat posté le 4 August 2013 à 04:39:36
    Congratulations on 9 years of sharing your wonderful outer and inner worlds with us! You are really in a class by yourself. LOL to see your old raclette monster still hanging out in the sewer! kat
  • 62)Message de Laura posté le 4 August 2013 à 06:04:16
    When the devil appears... it scared me to death!
  • 63)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 August 2013 à 10:45:40
    Awesome, awesome stuff!! Keep the weird, wonderful thoughts coming! :-) Anita
  • 64)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 August 2013 à 11:14:35
    Long time reader - First time commenter. Wonderful! Merci. j.
  • 65)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 August 2013 à 17:13:01
    Absolutely fantastic and WOWOWOW!
  • 66)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 August 2013 à 22:26:27
    Cthulhu indeed... Awesome journey... don't have words...
  • 67)Message de Dardanus posté le 4 August 2013 à 22:27:35
    Cthulhu indeed... ... Awesome journey... I have no words...
  • 68)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 August 2013 à 22:35:23
    Very cool, THANKS!
  • 69)Message de pkreed71 posté le 5 August 2013 à 02:09:48
    That was fanTAStic! What an incredible joy to read. Thank you! Congratulations on 9 years!
  • 70)Message de Sokratix posté le 5 August 2013 à 11:26:21
    Quote: "Message de Patrice posté le 3 August 2013 à 13:58:33 I assume it is my duty as a Gramar Nazi to correct your Google-Translate-German[...] " I would disagree with you there. The way you suggest him to correct it, the lines may turn into proper German, however it would ruin the effect he may have wanted to creat. I'm suspecting, he wanted to go for "Hollywood-Movie-Nazi-German", and in that case he just hit it perfectly. Because the special charme of it is the "Google-Translate"-Grammar. Just watch one of the Indiana Jones-movies. At least to me the "Stoppen denn Jooooones!" and "Schießen derrrn Joooooones" by the Soldiers adds up to the charme. ;)
  • 71)Message de Susan posté le 5 August 2013 à 12:39:52
    This is the most fantastic thing I've seen in a very long time.
  • 72)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 August 2013 à 13:45:32
    J'adore! Merci bien.
  • 73)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 August 2013 à 13:53:26
    that was a great journey
  • 74)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 August 2013 à 15:21:40
    I've just discovered your work and it makes me so happy! It's wonder-full.
  • 75)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 August 2013 à 18:51:02
    Great trip. Cool pictures. Thank you!
  • 76)Message de Thomas posté le 5 August 2013 à 19:40:38
    Wonderful! Thanks for 9 amazing years and keep up the good work!
  • 77)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 August 2013 à 03:55:30
    I cannot describe how amazing that was. Those scenes were captivating, the whole thing was magnificent! Thank you.
  • 78)Message de kat posté le 6 August 2013 à 04:56:14
    My brother reminds me to ask you, Have you played the game FROG FRACTIONS? If not, just google it dude, go there, and prepare to lose a few hours!! seriously.
  • 79)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 August 2013 à 06:57:58
    Fuck this\
  • 80)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 August 2013 à 17:22:22
    This is the best comics strip ever.....I am just overwhelmed after reading it.... and its true that we are all very lucky to know about your work.
  • 81)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 August 2013 à 00:58:37
    Wonderful. This, as all of what I've seen here is going to the "Beautiful" section. =3
  • 82)Message de franzy posté le 7 August 2013 à 02:31:59
    Slight heart attack. This was so epic, when you started talking about 'website' and 'nine years', I imagined that it was going to be 'So Long and Thanks For All The Fish'. Thanks for sticking around ...
  • 83)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 August 2013 à 08:52:39
    Это прелестно! Продолжай!
  • 84)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 August 2013 à 00:35:59
    Wow,How extroudinary Jay & what a blast,it's soooooooo Jay Bev
  • 85)Message de Naldrin posté le 8 August 2013 à 06:42:58
    I love the Arne Saknussemm grafitti detail when you approach the center of the Earth.
  • 86)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 August 2013 à 11:47:51
    Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Inspired me, been questioning myself a lot lately and I'm taking this as a sign to acknowledge them and move on! Have a wonderful day :)
  • 87)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 August 2013 à 10:45:12
  • 88)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 August 2013 à 23:11:26
    Freaking awesome. And I loved the DBZ reference, among others. Well done!
  • 89)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 August 2013 à 00:10:06
    LOVED IT! Cured my boredom. Thanks!
  • 90)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 August 2013 à 04:35:15
    My friend just posted your website on facebook. Oh man, was I missing out! What beautifully detailed and insightful pieces you make! I don't use the word "beautiful" lightly either. The word "pretty" has slightly superficial intonations in my book, but "beautiful" is visually appealing AND it has substance. Thank you for sharing your work- it really made a bad day much better for me. :)
  • 91)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 August 2013 à 22:56:33
    love it
  • 92)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 August 2013 à 23:29:32
    Stupendous. Ultimatimous. Thanks so much. [my scrolling finger is so tired...but that is a good thing]
  • 93)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 August 2013 à 14:34:05
    Quite a few of the ideas in the comic seem to be a reflection of the story in the book series 'Tunnels' by Roderick Gordon. These are a reasonable read, but do stretch the imagination a bit too far... it just keeps going with weird things inside the earth. Anyways, this comic is very nice.
  • 94)Message de Anonymous posté le 12 August 2013 à 19:02:28
    Weird as hell. But I had to follow it to the end. Probably would read another one too.
  • 95)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 August 2013 à 00:21:56
  • 96)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 August 2013 à 03:41:01
    Thank you... that was AMAZING!!! KaMaRa from Canada
  • 97)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 August 2013 à 06:22:15
    It got to the point that my eyes would adjust to each color, so the new colors made me feel like I was waking up or falling asleep...just perfect.
  • 98)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 August 2013 à 10:25:00
    All I can say is "fascinating"
  • 99)Message de Serene posté le 15 August 2013 à 16:08:12
    Thank you for the journey! ps: "allons-y" reminds me of the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who :9
  • 100)Message de Jan Macfarlane posté le 15 August 2013 à 23:16:16
    Gimme sum mor of Boulet's world...scary...funny...clever...leaves me wanting mor, much mor! feed me! feed me! i eat graffiti...!
  • 101)Message de Anonymous posté le 16 August 2013 à 12:27:46
  • 102)Message de Sonja posté le 16 August 2013 à 19:26:36
    wow, that was beatiful.
  • 103)Message de Sobra Hombra posté le 19 August 2013 à 01:41:14
    absolutely beautiful, thank you
  • 104)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 August 2013 à 17:02:40
    Hello. I'm spanish journalist of the leading newspaper in Spain. Please, contact me soon on the mail provided. I would love to interview you to an article that I'm doing. Thank you.
  • 105)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 August 2013 à 17:03:42
    Hello. I'm a spanish journalist from leading newspaper in spanish. I would love to interview for a big article that I'm doing. Thank you very much.
  • 106)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 August 2013 à 18:12:39
    Sorry friend, I love the art you make, in this special comic pixel art is very good, and my question is which program you used to do so.
  • 107)Message de Marc T posté le 20 August 2013 à 09:13:09
    genial... But you shouldn't even read all those compliments, you might a very large head and ankles and the consequence of that is no more T-shirt and shorts, only buttoned down shirts and a towel...
  • 108)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 August 2013 à 00:57:13
    This is amazing. Amazing!
  • 109)Message de Sergio posté le 24 August 2013 à 15:39:42
  • 110)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 August 2013 à 01:20:43
    Hey,Boulet! Congrats for the blog's 9th anniversary! Anda a question: Have you ever considered making an animation short? I've always wondered how cool "Darkness" would look like. Do it for your fans!
  • 111)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 August 2013 à 03:29:26
    major tom reporting for duty
  • 112)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 September 2013 à 17:54:01
  • 113)Message de ;) posté le 13 September 2013 à 16:27:53
  • 114)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 September 2013 à 06:43:58
    just like
  • 115)Message de lolilolilol posté le 4 October 2013 à 23:35:09
    True genius !!
  • 116)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 October 2013 à 15:22:40
    i just discovered your page a few days ago...and i love it! Greetings from México!
  • 117)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 October 2013 à 08:44:29
    This is incredible! How long did it take to make this entire comic? You sir, are extraordinary! Thank you for painstakingly making such a detailed and delightful comic for all of us :)
  • 118)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2013 à 12:42:22
    I especially liked the communist lizard! Chapeau!
  • 119)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2013 à 13:02:56
    Amazing, pal, simply amazing and charming.
  • 120)Message de Anonymous posté le 11 October 2013 à 16:41:34
    beautifully done. thank you for the adventure :)
  • 121)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 October 2013 à 15:25:09
    I wish the Next button in your site would just go on forever. Good job. I love how insightful your works are and how you apply different styles and techniques every once in a while. :)
  • 122)Message de Anonymous posté le 15 October 2013 à 13:06:09
    Amazing concept and very alive!
  • 123)Message de Viejus posté le 22 October 2013 à 11:47:56
    This was just perfect. This is the first comic I read from you, and I will totally check the rest of the comics. Thanks for such an awesome piece of art.
  • 124)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 October 2013 à 19:15:48
    No Words... Seriously... simply amazing :D
  • 125)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 November 2013 à 18:22:41
    Oh god, woooooow
  • 126)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 November 2013 à 14:59:49
    Coool stuff m8
  • 127)Message de Amira Broch posté le 24 November 2013 à 02:39:50
    Hi there to all, as I am genuinely keen of reading this webpage's post to be updated daily. It consists of good information.
  • 128)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 December 2013 à 23:36:17
  • 129)Message de Katerina posté le 20 December 2013 à 10:30:27
    I enjoyed it very much! I have the same feelings about goaties and the same wonder about graffiti in weird places. Thanks for making it long enough to help me in my procrastination! (now back to work...)
  • 130)Message de Anonymous posté le 30 January 2014 à 15:07:05
    I just wanted to say thank you for your imagination, and thanks for sharing. It's really uplifting to watch.
  • 131)Message de Jorge posté le 3 February 2014 à 17:14:42
    Ooooh I just remembered Monkey Island... Fantastic adventure, Boulet! Greetings from Spain
  • 132)Message de pinchecookie posté le 14 May 2014 à 20:49:30
    Dude I loved this!
  • 133)Message de Teghan posté le 14 August 2014 à 15:43:51
    Holy shit that was fucking amazing. So beautiful. I can't get over how simple it is but how wonderful and fun it was to scroll through this one. Your use of colour and lighting is phenome. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!
  • 134)Message de Digo Freitas posté le 19 August 2014 à 00:10:40
  • 135)Message de Luca Costa posté le 20 October 2014 à 14:38:57
    AMazing, one of the best comic/illustration ever seen.
  • 136)Message de james posté le 19 November 2014 à 13:58:39
    I love the fact you could never own or experience this comic satisfactorily on paper….
  • 137)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 February 2015 à 21:05:33
    Long and pointless
  • 138)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 February 2015 à 12:46:54
    The most wonderful inspiration -- I look at your work and it makes me run for my pens • pencils • paintbrushes • mouse • touch-screen so I can let loose all the kaleidoscope thoughts of my own that come into my head after I see the inside of yours. The best thing is that it makes me want to be NOT-fussy and NOT-methodical and make big splashy pictures and do them on my walls and floors and doors. It's the best feeling EVER.
  • 139)Message de RodneysBON posté le 25 April 2015 à 18:52:23
    mtiwqwrxsbyyyanpdrgwn cemgyxi gssdhyr eayxsco
  • 140)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 May 2015 à 23:59:59
    so mush love
  • 141)Message de psncore posté le 4 September 2018 à 11:52:33
    this is more then nice thanks you!
  • 142)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 July 2019 à 19:53:37
    epic gamer
  • 143)Message de Helena Orstem posté le 3 September 2019 à 18:32:21
    To be honest towards the end I got extremely worried you'd announce that you quit your webcomic! I don't know what I'd do then.
  • 144)Message de Rei posté le 16 October 2019 à 09:39:13
    epic (and random, I like it)
  • 145)Message de Daniel posté le 2 December 2019 à 22:59:10
    I laughed out loud at the Google Translate nazis. I said "Of course it's nazis" before the punchline, so that got me twice. What a beautiful work. Thank you for it, Monsieur Boulet. C'était une voyage magnifique. Or as we say in Germany: "Stoppen! Sterben, kommunistisch Eidechse!!"
  • 146)Message de Buzzfeed posté le 7 December 2019 à 07:29:12
    Thank you for this amazing post, it's a very informative post for us, I appreciate what you did, I have value for you and respect your opinion. Really I like it. Once again I wanted to take the time to thank you. cute-january-2020-calendar

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    • Q : Can I use the same layout for my blog ?

      WordPress is supposed to be a free-sharing platform, but we worked a lot on this, and we don’t specially want that anyone could use it without consulting us.

      The layout programming is Arnold’s, so you can ask him and he will be the only judge ! If he likes your work, I think he will be happy to authorize you to use this !

      His contact is at the bottom of the site, on the main page.

    • Q : Where can we buy your work ? Do you have a shop with posters, mugs or T-shirts ?

      For now, there’s not such a thing. I try to keep this the less “commercial” I can. But maybe I will change my mind some day !

      The only available work I have in english are the two books I drew for the serie “Dungeon” with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. Ask for it in any comic book shop ! The more you ask them to order it, the easiest will it get to obtain !
      If you want to have a better translation of this webcomic, you just have to harass US and UK publishers, till one of them agrees to publish it in english :)

      For my french work, I drew a lot of books, here’ the entire list:

      Glénat Editions:


      Tome 1 : Dragon Junior

      Tome 2 : Fées et Gestes

      Tome 3 : Terreurs de la nature

      Tome 4 : Légendes urbaines

      Tome 5 : Tempus Fugit

      Tome 6 : Casus Belli

      -La Rubrique Scientifique

      Tome 1

      Tome 2

      Tome 3

      -Le Miya (with Reno, Julien Néel and Libon)

      -Womoks (only scenario, drawing by Reno)

      Tome 1 : Mutant, suspends ton vol…

      Tome 2 : Le croiseur s’amuse

      Tome 3 : Albon, les brutes et les truands


      La boîte à bulles Edition:

      -Le vœu de…

      Tome 1 : Le vœu de Marc (coscenarist with Nicolas Wild, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      Tome 2 : Le vœu de Simon (coscenarist with Lucie Albon, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      -Amour et Désir (Collectif, seven pages under the alias Ella Forbin)


      -Delcourt Edition:

      -Donjon (avec Lewis Trondheim et Joann Sfar au scénario, et Lucie Albon à la couleur)

      Tome 5 : Un mariage à part

      Tome 6 : Retour en fanfare

      -Notes (these are the compilations of all the entries of the french blog)

      Tome 1 : Born to be a larve

      Tome 2 : Le petit théâtre de la rue

      Tome 3 : La viande, c’est la force

      Tome 4 : Songe est Mensonge

      Tome 5 : Quelques Minutes avant la Fin du Monde

      Tome 6 : Debout mes globules ! (à paraître, 23 novembre 2011)

      -Chicou-Chicou (under the alias Ella Forbin, with Aude Picault, Domitille Collardey, Lisa Mandel and Erwann Surcouf)

      -Boule de neige (collective compilation of works for the 24-hours comics of Angoulême )

      -La Maison Close (collective book by Ruppert et Mulot)

      -La Page Blanche (scenarist, drawing by Pénélope Bagieu. Release in january 2012)

      -Bragelonne Edition:

      -Tous malades ! (original title: Now we’re Sick) (illustrations for a collection of adult poems by Neil Gaiman and other authors, with Reno and Mélaka)

      -Erik le Viking (illustrations of the french version of Terry Jones’s book)

      -L’almanach illustré 2008. (texts by Laurent Genefort and Gudule)


      Nekomix :

      -Soupir (collectif)

      Tome 1, 2008

      Tome 2, 2009

      -Nekomix 7 spécial cinéma (collectif)


      -Barclay-Universal :

      -Repenti (Illustrations for Renan Luce’s album, christmas edition)

    • Q : Can I use one of your comics to print a shirt / a poster / to put it on my blog / to illustrate my book / magazine ?

      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
      -You can use one panel or two if you are making a citation (for example: if you write an article about my work or about webcomics in general, you can show a couple of pictures, without asking me. You just have to put the source under it: my name and the blog’s URL, clikable if your article is on internet. You don’t specially have to tell me, but it would be nice)
      -If you want to share a story on internet, the way I like better is one panel, clikable, redirecting to my original blog.
      -You can use a comic or more for pedagogic use if it’s a non-commercial use: if you’re a teacher and you need a printing from the blog for your class, if you’re a student and need an illustration for an essay or your thesis, I’m totally ok if you respect these two conditions: you have to ask me FIRST (because I wouldn’t like to illustrate something I totally disagree with), and the use must be completely NON-COMMERCIAL (you CAN’T sell it, no matter the format), NON-POLITIC (especially if you are a kind of nationalist NRA douchebag) and NON-RELIGIOUS (I’m an atheist, and I work for no church or cult)

    • Q : Can I buy you an original artwork ?

      I don’t really need mone for now, so I don’t sell my original works… So no !
      And I have a lot of work waiting to be done, so I don’t have time to make special drawings for birthdays, christmas presents or stuff like that !

    • Q : I’m very rich and I want to hire you / I want to publish your work

      Ok, send me an email and we’ll see ! :)
      I’m not specially looking for work now, but if you have something nice to propose, maybe we can find an arrangement !
      If you want to publish material from this blog, my publisher shares the copyrights with me, so you have to contact him ! look for “editions Delcourt” on the web !