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  • 1)Message de boulet posté le 14 June 2012 à 00:04:08
    Brassens is an old-fashion french singer. It might be hard to listen to for non-french, non-used ears because they are lots of voice-effects which my sound a bit ridiculous (he sings with a very jolly rythme with a lot of hard Rrrrr in his voice). However the lyrics are beautiful. Even if it's not really the same, you can listen to an english version by Joe Flood here:
  • 2)Message de Archagon posté le 14 June 2012 à 00:33:56
    Fantastic as always. Sadly, I'm often guilty of playing the role of the chicory-loving lady.
  • 3)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 June 2012 à 00:53:06
    Wooah! Go Joe Flood, I like!
  • 4)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 June 2012 à 01:14:27
    I think I'm going to have to disagree with you here. What one fills oneself with is not a triviality. It's ok I guess to just not be interested in things like food and music, the same way it's OK to be blind: until I realize the way your perception of life is limited, I'm going to operate on the assumption that you are capable of appreciating the same things I do, but maybe haven't been exposed to them. I wouldn't tell a blind person I feel sorry for them. It won't make any difference to them so the sentiment would be wasted at best, scorned at worst, so instead I will only try to relate that the way you feel when you're in the best possible company is very close to the pleasure a connoisseur feels when eating their favorite food or listening to their favorite song: it's a rich weave of sensations both familiar and surprising and in a very real sense is part of their very being. Sorry if I am making presumptions about you by saying that.
  • 5)Message de kat posté le 14 June 2012 à 05:23:58
    oh my god, i didn't imagine you could top "22 Secondes" but this is an absolute masterpiece. And although I have been known to geek out on both music and food, I hear you man... I have learned over the years that simpler is better and most people are trying to score points off each other with what they know about any given subject. The internet seems to have made this a million times worse. You have it right -- it's the people you share these things with that make them enjoyable.
  • 6)Message de adrien posté le 14 June 2012 à 05:34:16
    Ha! Obviously you don't know anything about Brassens covers in English, and... Err, sorry. ;c) I meant, thanks for the link, I didn't know this album — and, damn, some songs are so good I get goose-bumps listening even to the translation (La Jeanne, bon sang.) But I just wanted to say, I really like the cover by Pierre de Gaillande: He selected a different set of songs (well, there are so many, and there's nothing to throw away ;c) and the arrangements are much closer to Brassens'. (Joe Flood's country-style cover of The Gorilla did let me... perplexed...)
  • 7)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 June 2012 à 06:08:54
    Excellent, Boulet!! I hope some day you will be invited to Cherbourg to the salon du livre de jeunesse et Bande dessinée!! Always enjoyed by our guest writers. I bought La page Blanche there this year. It's a bit scary. I once lost my memory for about an hour.... bises, Rose ( Cherbourg)
  • 8)Message de Pina posté le 14 June 2012 à 07:08:35
    Trop bien, et c'est tout vrai. Très touchée par la mention "ce n'est pas quoi, c 'est avec qui." Et les petits frères... :) Magnifique, tout tout tout. Merci. Pina
  • 9)Message de boulet posté le 14 June 2012 à 07:47:58
    Anonymous (4) I totally agree with you but I think you miss the point here: it was not about being blind, more about having seen things and not liking them. I think with sufficient effort you can get to know -and appreciate- almost everything. But you also can focus on things you like to become your own kind of specialist. I will never be a great cook, it's ok, it's my loss, it's a bit sad, but lots of people won't be able to draw, and I will never go to them and tell them "WHAT !? You don't DRAW ? But it's IMPORTANT, You can learn basis and do some easy stuff !". People don't have time for this shit. Honnestly, in real life I can cook better than I tell here. I just don't like it. Even when I manage a fantastic recipe which makes everybody say "this was awesome", I don't feel like going on. I'm not so much "blind" than "not interested in this kind of light" The point is: a life isn't enough. Be the more curious you can be, you won't have time to understand half of the things you'll meet. You won't understand all in opera, knitting, martial arts, diving, rock-climbing, classical dance, metal, comics, football, cooking, you won't learn all the languages of the world, you'll have to make choices, which choices will be motivated by your tastes. It's a good thing that not everybody has the same tastes. Someone who doesn't like cooking maybe blind, but then so are you if you never tried drawing, or bagpipe, or karate. Personally, football bores me more you can imagine, I don't like dance, but I can't understand why people aren't more interested in biology or astronomy. I just try to not force them into it.
  • 10)Message de Folket posté le 14 June 2012 à 10:04:55
    I have no understanding for people who does not love mathematics.
  • 11)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 June 2012 à 13:38:29
    It seems like people have this "you're either with us or against us" attitude about a lot of silly things, haha. No room for grey area in the middle. Similarly, I made a "pizza burrito" out of leftover things (soft tortillas, mixed cheeses, bits of ham and pepperoni) when I was in high school. I still make it every once in a while if there's nothing else to eat or I'm feeling lazy. When I tell people about it they give me a look like they want to vomit in my face, but I think it's fantastic. It's not 5-star cuisine, but it's something that isn't too terrible and fixes my hunger until I can get some real food. Also, glad to see you're back!
  • 12)Message de Megabilou posté le 14 June 2012 à 13:41:48
    Pizaaa :) mmh
  • 13)Message de KMB posté le 14 June 2012 à 15:40:10
    A propos de Brassens, La chanson "Les passantes" en vidéos sous titrées anglais: TV live with english subtitles: Jerho english version, "Passers-by":
  • 14)Message de Andrei posté le 14 June 2012 à 21:08:47
    Good point, Boulet! I feel bad too when some people take it as personal offence if you don't care about their passions like they do.
  • 15)Message de Alex Knisely posté le 15 June 2012 à 08:42:30
    Again, lovely job. I begin to suspect that you have an Anglophone girlfriend -- two reasons: 1) Your English is improving rapidly; 2) You're not posting "Notes" in French. Too busy with more interesting activities, no doubt... Idiomatic: Put ON some music; I don't care what you put ON; let's put some Brassens ON.
  • 16)Message de Stian posté le 16 June 2012 à 14:23:03
    When it comes to music I listen to almost every genre, only thing important is that it is *good*... one thing I can't stand is people who listen to only one type of music, be it hip-hop, metal or whatever, and ignore everything I else, that really gets my blood boiling. Great comic, people tend to be complete asses about stuff they care deeply for I guess, especially music and food... "nerds" :)
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 20 June 2012 à 18:06:59
    But I WANT to draw (;_;) but everytime I try I only frustrate myself. You have no idea how painfully envious I am of all your little lines.
  • 18)Message de silken posté le 19 January 2013 à 20:23:34
    Brassens el mismo, se puede escuchar en espanol :)
  • 19)Message de Diane posté le 24 April 2014 à 13:44:54
    Wow, i'm late to the party, but I've loved your comics as a great way to pass time at work. I was wondering if you would give the link to your friends cooking comic? it sounded like another comic I would love to dig through. Thanks
  • 20)Message de Abraham posté le 21 August 2014 à 21:53:29
    I love Brassens. Songs like "le Gorille", "marinette" or "L'orage", were often played at my friends house, who tried to explain to me what were the meaning of the songs, because I didn't understood a bit of french. I think it was not a very good idea to start singing loud the refrain of "le Gorille" in front of her parents. There were very good covers in spanish (for example: this cover of "l'orage" by "La mandragora") As for music and food extremists... I never understood them. I enjoy cooking, but most of my friends don't care about the preparation, only the company. And that's very much OK for me: good food tastes better with good company.
  • 21)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 August 2014 à 22:13:04
    Well... Sorry, but this has nothing to do with a pizza. This is a pie. A pie that seems delicious, and that I should try to cook, but a pie. Mustard pie, tomato pie, but not pizza.
  • 22)Message de Losby posté le 22 August 2014 à 07:03:00
    It's funny to see that the same debate is taking place here than in the French version comments ! Anyway, considering the fact that personal cooking is WAY more praised in France than in USA or GB, I'm wondering if this kind of food Nazis are as widespread over there as here. (I'm kind of food Nazi with some dishes, but at all other times I eat half-cold pastas cooked with canned tomatoes that could feed 8 regular people) Anyway, one problem raised by the chicory girl is real : supermarket food trends to become shit. I mean, really shit. Most of us doesn't know the taste of a "normal" (I don't want to say "real") tomato, eggplant, peach... And it's sad.
  • 23)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 August 2014 à 07:22:49
    Can you post a link to your friend's food webcomic, please?
  • 24)Message de The Infidel posté le 22 August 2014 à 12:19:19
    Very nice one! yeah, metalheads tend to be like this (not that other people can't be, it's just more common since it's a lot more underground than other genres...) About Brassens...there are very good Italian covers made by De André in the 60s and the 70s, especially the Gorilla one always makes me laugh.
  • 25)Message de Losby posté le 22 August 2014 à 13:11:38
    just another comment because I found what this strip remind me off : XKCD made an hilarious strip about a similar subject (n° 915) that I read few days ago.
  • 26)Message de Sehkmy posté le 22 August 2014 à 13:59:05
    The 'friend's food webcomic' is here : (lazy ? if you clic on boulet's comic you get the french version, then clic on it :P )
  • 27)Message de Fex posté le 22 August 2014 à 18:48:49
    I always had a hard time putting labels on things like music and literature. "This is rock", "this is not mambo", etc. To me, music is a series of tunes harmonized (or not) in fashion one can come to appreciate. So, I classify music as "good" or "bad" after I hear them. And sometimes I change opinions. As for the food, is like my wife says: I have a peasant's taste. I couldn't care less about high cuisine. Maybe this is heresy to a french guy. But again, maybe it's some freaking bogus stereotype. P.S.: it must be strange to get new comments on material you posted years ago. Well, I recently discovered your comics and, though they're not pokemons, I'm just not stopping till I read them all. :)
  • 28)Message de Cl. posté le 23 August 2014 à 10:44:52
    Thanks for this note ! I personnaly don't like walking in the countryside / nature. Not hating it, just not a fan. I love my wonderful friends, but that's a real sin to dislike the good fresh air for them (Obviously, we all live in a city...) When I have to go for a walk, I'm thanksful for the ipod : (Les passantes - Iggy Pop interpretation). Mi personal favorito de Brassens en español son las traducciones de Paco Ibañez. "La belle y el manantial" es fantastico, pero tambien la mala reputación : Si, señor.
  • 29)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 August 2014 à 17:36:22
    Looking for all-love no-work mself.
  • 30)Message de Anonymous posté le 25 August 2014 à 09:56:25
    I suspect that you are just too nice! I could be wrong, but it seems like you know what you like and dislike, but you are quick to downplay how you feel about it because you want to be polite, plus you believe that something can still be good even if you personally don't care for it. That's honestly much more open minded and tolerant than most people, who will be happy to judge you based on silly things like whether you like cooked chicory or not. Be more firm about what you like/dislike and I bet you get less comments like that. Anyway, I love your comic! It's so true to life.
  • 31)Message de zartto posté le 25 August 2014 à 17:47:29
    "- What would you like to listen? - Whatever, put what you like I really don't care. - OK, let's just put Celtic Frost."
  • 32)Message de Dewi Morgan posté le 26 March 2017 à 07:49:04
    "A good kebab is a kebab you can half-eat before the remorses come." sayeth the mouseover-text. What the hell?!! You haven't ever had a real kebab, man! A REAL kebab, you can get maybe three-quarters into before you really hate yourself! Maybe even 80%, if you train hard, drink deep, and don't think about it! Wait, no, a REAL real kebab, you're lucky if you get even a third through, because it's so big. Yeah, put all that extra shit on there! Pile it on! Double meat! All the trimmings! Slather the sauce! If it's big enough and greasy enough, maybe you'll hit self-loathing before you've even bitten into it. Now, that's a good kebab. ...screw you, now I want a kebab, and they don't make them here in Texas :(
  • 33)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 September 2019 à 11:31:17
    This is actually a great illustration of a personality trait called Openness. Some people are have a lot of this trait and some people are low in this trait. Nothing wrong with that. The people who are high in Openness love new experiences and new ideas, and they are incapable of understanding those of us who aren't so hot on them. They think we all want to be like them, and there's something wrong with us if we're not. The next time you hear someone gushing over a new experience they just had and if you don't think the same way there's something fundamentally wrong with you, you just had an encounter with a high Openness person.

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