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  • 1)Message de boulet posté le 1 February 2012 à 22:59:22
    Every year we have a different rule when we draw for the 24-Hours Comics... This year the challenge was to use three captions in the three thirds of the story. 1st third: use the caption "He suddently appeared" 2nd third: use the caption "... And at the end..." 3rd third: use the caption "... She sudently stopped" Thanks to Talden who helped me for the translation ! If you see some mistakes, report it in the comments and I'll try to fix them !
  • 2)Message de Clément posté le 1 February 2012 à 23:32:16
    Hi ! A little phrase went untranslated : "Jonas <3 Attends !" just before the introduction of Marjorie. Maybe the translation doesn't feel as "right" than the original, for instance I'd have said "I just came here to get a drink" (instead of "I came here just to take a drink") or "Enough with your bullshit !" (leaving the "that's") Enough with but I'm not fluent enough in english to judge, so I'll let native speaker make suggestions... ;) Still great, thought, my english speaking friends will love it !
  • 3)Message de Lula posté le 1 February 2012 à 23:37:19
    Beautiful comic. I loved it ;-)
  • 4)Message de Willichou posté le 1 February 2012 à 23:44:03
    Great story, full of truth and scientific mind... I simply love it ! Good job Sir ;)
  • 5)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 00:05:17
    Agree with Clément, "I just came here to get a drink". Not so bad as it is, though. Also, I would say, "Jonas, go to your room! That's enough of your bullshit!" (keeping "that's" is better, I think) Loooooooove this one! So funny, and such a lovely ending! :) :)
  • 6)Message de [PN] Denys posté le 2 February 2012 à 00:45:01
    I would have said "On the other hand" instead of "On the other end" to introduce the kind girl. Otherwise, I guess you forgot a "y" in "because they are the end-product" at the very end of the story. Good job, Happy Birthday & Cheers ^^
  • 7)Message de anaphysik posté le 2 February 2012 à 01:13:49
    That was really, *really* good. Just thought you ought to know that. So thanks for the lovely comic! (Also: As a native English speaker, I can say that all of the ideas came through clearly. Some of the diction is a bit off, yes, but overall that doesn't matter nearly as much as the feel and intent, which you've nailed.)
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 01:19:43
  • 9)Message de joe le pastie posté le 2 February 2012 à 01:20:19
  • 10)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 03:44:44
    This is fantastic.
  • 11)Message de michi posté le 2 February 2012 à 03:55:30
    C'était vraiment mouvant... Le dessin m'a plaît bien sûr mais la meilleur chose était l'histoire. Tout le monde connait quelqu'un comme ça et c'est bien de le voir tout exprimé! (Le français m'est difficile, excusez-moi!)
  • 12)Message de Sundance posté le 2 February 2012 à 04:04:14
    This is wonderful. I'd love to see more from these characters!
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 05:05:46
    Bravo?! Merci beaucoup?! :)
  • 14)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 05:49:01
    i cam here through kate beaton's reccomendation! and i am completely blown away. what a fantastic piece! so full of energy. i'm absolutely enamored with it. thank you so much for sharing. (:
  • 15)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 06:25:24
    You, Sir, are an genius. I salute thee.
  • 16)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 06:26:48
    can you make this into a mini comic so I can purchase it and have a hardcopy to treasure??
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 06:32:32
    I was linked here through tumblr and this was excellent! It was funny and charming and the ending was very sweet. And that you did it all within 24-hours is really impressive! I'm going to go through the rest of your site now and see your other comics!
  • 18)Message de Drew Kempter posté le 2 February 2012 à 07:37:35
    This was a great story, regardless of the extremely minor translation errors. Merci beaucoup!
  • 19)Message de Tam posté le 2 February 2012 à 07:38:40
    In the panel that happens on the bridge, the right bottom capture is still in French. There is also a "attends" when the guy is sitting on her friend to prevent her to be with Jonas. My English is not so good, so I am afraid I cannot correct much, but intuitively, I would just say "Statistically, some people are made 100% of the same stuff". Although I already said it in French, awesome work. It is...what...the fourth time I read it, and I am still laughing.
  • 20)Message de Ana posté le 2 February 2012 à 08:10:09
    This was great - fun and really charming :) .
  • 21)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 09:54:50
    I don't really read comics, but this was great!
  • 22)Message de Renaud posté le 2 February 2012 à 09:55:43
    B-E-A-Utiful story! great appropriation of the content, and still funny :p
  • 23)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 10:52:26
    That was one of the best comics I've ever seen... perfect atmosphere, story and not a panel too long.
  • 24)Message de boulet posté le 2 February 2012 à 11:01:58
    Thanks for your comments ! Wow... Kate Beaton sent me a lot of people here ! I really love the 24H-Comics thing: we all gather in the "Maison des Auteurs" ("author's house") in Angoulême and we spend the whole night drawing, sketching and on the top of all that, drinking LOTS of coffee. There is an atmosphere you can't find anywhere else and it's a great way to meet people. I'll soon publish here the stories I have from past years... And if you are a cartoonist too, I recommand you try ! The Angoulême festival is supposed to be international, so you can participate online from anywhere. (and there is another "24h" In Bruxelles, I think) I would LOVE to see a 24h-Comic by Kate Beaton !
  • 25)Message de phoebe posté le 2 February 2012 à 11:59:05
    This is brilliant - hilarious and so insightful! The concept of people as adjectives is so true to life. I think my husband and I might be a marriage of optimism and indecision.
  • 26)Message de Jon W posté le 2 February 2012 à 12:22:52
    Amazing work, blew me away.
  • 27)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 13:20:46
    I came here via reddit, by the way (r/comics), but Kate Beaton is awesome too :-)
  • 28)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 13:42:23
    Awesome, real good :D. Definitely made my day!
  • 29)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 13:52:06
    I'm really happy I found this blog. Your comics are so awesome!
  • 30)Message de Mike Walker posté le 2 February 2012 à 15:12:20
    This was fantastic! Excellent work. The only translation error that I noticed was in the narration shortly after Jonas' first appearance. It should read "His friends were stunned. He STOOD there, so close yet so far away..." This was my first exposure to your work and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
  • 31)Message de Martin posté le 2 February 2012 à 16:25:28
    Fantastic comic! Love the art, the story, the execution, everything!
  • 32)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 17:20:40
    This was pure awesomeness. Thank you for sharing your genius and skill with the rest of the world.
  • 33)Message de Anonymous Coward posté le 2 February 2012 à 18:09:15
    Excellent work as always! I thought the epilogue was unnecessary, but that's just me disliking mushy stuff :) There are a few translation mistakes and oddities, but they don't seem to bother native English readers, so who am I to complain? I still suggest replacing "standed" by "stood", since that's plain wrong (irregular verbs are probably the most annoying part of learning English). Keep up the good work :)
  • 34)Message de klao posté le 2 February 2012 à 18:28:29
    «This year the challenge was to use three captions in the three thirds of the story. 1st third: use the caption "He suddently appeared" 2nd third: use the caption "... And at the end..." 3rd third: use the caption "... She sudently stopped"» Actually it's : ''Suddenly emerging…'' must appear in the first third of the book ''And at the end'' must appear in the second third of the book ''she suddenly interrupted herself' must appear in the last third of the book But that's ok.
  • 35)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 18:38:21
    This is epic! And in only 24 hours? Great job!
  • 36)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 February 2012 à 18:46:22
    Magnifique :)
  • 37)Message de Alessandro posté le 2 February 2012 à 21:13:06
    That was great! It's funny and nicely drawn. A great 24h comic! (and a great comic story however)
  • 38)Message de beanarie posté le 2 February 2012 à 21:24:25
    This made my day. Thank you for the pure concentrated awesome.
  • 39)Message de joycer posté le 2 February 2012 à 22:01:25
    This is fantastic! Thanks for translating and posting it!
  • 40)Message de Sumaan posté le 2 February 2012 à 23:56:31
    This was beautiful. I've had this exact discussion with friends... Only we spoke the captions for the narrator aloud. I am sincerely very impressed with this work and absolutely love the way it was put together. Carry on good sir!
  • 41)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 00:26:57
    "This is the friend I was talking you about" -> "This is the friend I was telling you about" So, so amazing! You're brilliant!
  • 42)Message de Kingsley posté le 3 February 2012 à 02:28:22
    Super nice comix, man! Tres drole!
  • 43)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 06:37:02
    Beautiful art and a great concept+story! Wonderful job! I love the panel where they are holding the door closed after introducing Jonas and Marjorie. I was linked here through the blog Metafilter: http://www.metafilter.com/112351/Dont-hate-me-because-Im-a-24Hour-Comic
  • 44)Message de LM posté le 3 February 2012 à 06:41:08
    This is wonderful - Beautiful, funny art and a great concept/story! So many nice touches in this - I love the "Marjorie effect" drawing of the main female character. I love the lines in the panels after they introduce Jonas and Marjorie. I was linked here from the American blog Metafilter.
  • 45)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 07:33:32
    I really really loved Darkness! It was funny and sweet and just all around A GREAT JOB
  • 46)Message de Alex Knisely posté le 3 February 2012 à 07:49:56
    Cher maitre! Eblouissant. Bravo, bravo encore, trois fois bravo! J'adore tes images des jeunes français légèrement faisandés... comme ton héros en haut qui cherche une pizza. Ne t'inquiete pas pour la traduction, elle rend pour nous anglophones l'histoire encore plus française -- si c'était possible! -- jamais de la vie le mot CAPILLARITY ne paraitrait dans une BD américaine, par example... C'est des années que je n'ose plus écrire en français, mais voici l'effet de ta plume géniale! EMPOWERMENT!
  • 47)Message de boulet posté le 3 February 2012 à 09:05:20
    Alex: ton français est extraordinaire, alors ! Je n'aurais pas pu deviner que tu étais anglophone en lisant ton message ! Thanks for all your comments, I read a lot of comments about this comic and they are globally VERY kind, and I'm very happy that non-french people got to know my work this way. I tried to fix some translation mistakes, really sorry about that, I can't fix all the mistakes on every comic because it would take me too long, but I'll try to sound less gallic !
  • 48)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 13:00:59
    You, sir, are a bloody genius. Thank you for this fantastic comic.
  • 49)Message de ale posté le 3 February 2012 à 13:02:57
    wow! °_°
  • 50)Message de KSet posté le 3 February 2012 à 13:03:04
    You, sir, are a bloody genius. Thank you for this fantastic comic.
  • 51)Message de zarnold posté le 3 February 2012 à 13:06:03
    BTW, 24-hour comics is a worlwide event, created by Scott mc Cloud : His site about it but the French one is probably the best, beacause Frenche are the best drawers (and lovers of course)
  • 52)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 15:33:34
    Fantastic - I really enjoyed the story. Spreading the word...
  • 53)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 15:35:52
    C'est incroyable!
  • 54)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 15:52:42
    Loved it! You make it look so easy
  • 55)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 February 2012 à 15:57:48
    This is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I got here from Tumblr. Glad I took the time to read a great story with great art.
  • 56)Message de Mark posté le 3 February 2012 à 23:26:11
    Fantastic work. This is my first exposure to your work, but I'm looking forward to trawling the archives. I felt the translation oddities worked in its favor. It's a bit stiff, but it's stiff in a manner distinctive to translations of specifically Francophone works, reinforcing the romantic and surreal tones of it. For Jonas in particular, speaking with a non-native voice only reinforced his Darkness. Or, at least, that's the impression I got.
  • 57)Message de HAL 9000 posté le 4 February 2012 à 01:37:04
    Je suis australien - un ami de Facebook vous a recommandé. Votre traduction en anglais est très bonne! Et vous avez fait ceci en 24 heures? Incroyable! Autrefois, j'étais gentil, mais les femmes m'ont ignoré. Je devrais avoir été ténébreux.
  • 58)Message de Wrye posté le 4 February 2012 à 01:50:36
    I agree, don't worry too much about the translation! The story was very clear and no one had any trouble understanding it. So perfect. M. Boulet, I think you have just won a lot of new fans from around the world. And now, I'm going to read your archives... (Et Je m'excuse, pour l'Anglaise, J'ai oublie' tous mon Francaise...)
  • 59)Message de Porco posté le 4 February 2012 à 13:27:40
    Holly cow! This is the most entertaining stuff i've read in the last two years!
  • 60)Message de Anonymous posté le 4 February 2012 à 16:49:28
    The extra 2 hours were well worth it. This is hilarious.
  • 61)Message de Anonymous posté le 5 February 2012 à 18:22:24
    Great art, great story, great conclusion. Fantastic, fantastique, chapeau, etc!
  • 62)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 February 2012 à 03:25:25
    wow. i enjoyed that so much. i'm so buying this if it gets turned into a book (:
  • 63)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 February 2012 à 10:15:52
    Excellent story and well drawn. Thank you! x
  • 64)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 February 2012 à 17:46:57
    Well im no expert but this story is very clever. I think the best part about it was the fact there were some REALLY reall emotions when it came to the guy explaining how his roommate is so much cooler then him. Same with the girl when she explained how her friend was much classier, therefore better then herself.
  • 65)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 February 2012 à 01:37:40
    Excellent comic, very impressive. Major kudos!
  • 66)Message de Alvaro Carroz posté le 7 February 2012 à 20:15:29
    Hi, I made a .cbz and also an .epub of Darkness. Would you like to post them on your site?
  • 67)Message de Andreas posté le 8 February 2012 à 09:23:36
    Awesome, awesome!!! Uh, oh, I hope your ego can take all this praise! ;) I've been spending several days going through your archives, very cool. Someone should make a real-time documentary of that event! ... or maybe not, it might be too distracting for all the sleep deprived artists, non? Translation: Don't be less gallic, you are who you are, non? :D You'd have to start censoring the images too :p I(and probably many others) would be happy to edit the translations when you post new ones (before you spend the time lettering, otherwise we feel like we're being annoying nitpickers rather than helping). I can't translate from French, but I can finish a rough translation like the ones you have had. Come to think of it, others might be more useful :)
  • 68)Message de Anthony Zierhut posté le 9 February 2012 à 22:55:27
    Ok, I'm adding my two cents here to what everyone else is saying. I thoroughly enjoyed this little story so much! The characters, their design, the consistency of the execution is amazing (how you pace yourself over 26 hours and keep the drawing consistent is something I'll have to witness sometime), and the story itself, so true and funny, so funny because it's true. Just wonderful. My thanks to Kate Beaton for the link from her Tumblr page. I will return and enjoy more of your work... Anthony
  • 69)Message de Darth Thulhu posté le 10 February 2012 à 19:29:26
    Absolutely beautiful comic. Fantastic work, sir. If you ever want to publish this in English-language media, I think you could do so with just one revising pass for grammar. To put my extensive Grammar Nazi powers to use for Good, I've done that editing pass here and typed it out below. I'm not addressing any of Jonas' DARK captions nor his dialogue nor reactions to him for grammar, only for word spelling. The slightly-off Frenchness of Jonas' caption and sound-effects makes the DARK effect work better than perfect grammar would. Consequently, I'm only addressing spelling, or grammar in other captions and dialogue. Panel 12: Change "the NASA" to either "that NASA" or just "NASA" Also Panel 12: Change "who classify" to "who'd classify" or "who classifies" Panel 14: Disagree with those suggesting change of "other end" to "other hand". "Other end" works if one imagines a spectrum going from SEVERE to KIND, with her on the other end of it from the taxman. Panel 16: Disagree with those suggesting "may be made" be changed to "must be made". "May" is more tentative, but it works. Panel 32: Change "caption that say" to "caption that says" Also Panel 32: Change "he was looking the rain" to "he was looking at the rain" or "he was watching the rain" Panel 33: "Appartment" is properly spelled "apartment" Panel 36: Change "helping himself with a cup" to "helping himself to a cup" Panel 38: Change "well, for first" to either "well, for one" or just "well, first" Panel 42: Change "I propose her a last" to either "I propose to her a last" or just "I propose a last" Panel 66: Change "read that pamphlet I got" to "read this pamphlet I have" or just "read this pamphlet" Panel 76: "Wispering" is properly spelled "whispering" Panel 80: Change "-all-clothed-on-just-" to "-all-clothes-on-just-" or "-all-clothed-just-" Panel 83: Change "his dark aura who's messing" to "his dark aura that's messing" or just "his dark aura messing" Panel 88: Change "blowing off my scented candles" to "blowing out my scented candles" Panel 100: "Agressive" is properly spelled "aggressive" Panel 103: Change "suffer and opposed pressure" to "suffer an opposed pressure" Panel 109: "Adress" is properly spelled "address" Panel 113: Change "I get the door" to "I'll get the door" or "I've got the door" Panel 115: Change "I was talking you about" to "I was talking to you about" or "I was telling you about"
  • 70)Message de _dave_ posté le 12 February 2012 à 12:39:39
    Best. 24 Hour. Comic. Ever. And seriously, I've read quite a few of them! Actually this is one of my favorite comics in general! Immediate bookmark + rss!!
  • 71)Message de Talden posté le 13 February 2012 à 16:02:51
    Hey everyone! I just want to add something. I'm the one who helped Boulet translate the whole thing, and it's heartbreaking to see I've let so many mistakes pass without notice. I'm a self-taught quasi-English speaker, and I wanted to translate the whole thing to show it to some American friends (as I consider it's one of Boulet's finest works in this particular format). Had I know this comic would become viral, I would have put much more effort into it! I apologize for my carelessness to you all, and huge thanks to Dark Thulhu for pointing all my mistakes. I'll try to do better next time... if our dear author still wants some help, of course! :)
  • 72)Message de zeromil posté le 14 February 2012 à 00:16:15
  • 73)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 February 2012 à 17:01:41
    Great work, just great. I stumbled upon your comic and it was quite an experience. I enjoyed your free traces quite a bit, the wild lines and saturation you use to make the shadows, just like newspaper comics. The story was pretty good too. Greetings from Mexico, i will be a constant reader of your comic from now on. Bon chance!
  • 74)Message de Irvin posté le 14 February 2012 à 23:51:06
    I just want to say this is absolutely stunning. This in my opinion encapsulates exactly the reason why I love graphic stories (in the comic sense...not the "and then he slowly hacked away at the nerve in his leg that connects to the base of his spine with a porcelain statue of a dragon" sense). Thank you for being you. p.s. I just realized what I wrote was a bit strange, but
  • 75)Message de Irvin posté le 14 February 2012 à 23:55:28
    This was absolutely amazing, I really really loved it. This encapsulates exactly why I really enjoy graphic art (graphic in the sense of comics, not the "and he slowly hacked away at the nerve in his leg that connected to the base of his spine with a beautifully engraved ivory statue of a miniature dragon that his mother had given him for his 34th birthday" sort of graphic). Thank you for being you.
  • 76)Message de [PN] Denys posté le 15 February 2012 à 15:56:39
    @ Darth Thulhu : thanks for your explanation about "on the other end" ^^ (and thanks for your great work on the grammar of the text).
  • 77)Message de Nymous posté le 19 February 2012 à 07:33:09
    I see nothing that I would change that has not already been mentioned. That being said, I would like to express just how much I loved this comic. After I finished it, I just sat there for a few minutes. Then I read it again. Then I sent it to five of my closest friends and my brother. The spelling/grammar errors really don't take too much away from the comic itself. Sure, when analyzed, they get a bit annoying but to the casual observer it just makes the comic sound a bit more...french? Anyway, after I sent it to a bunch of people, I started reading the rest of your comics. From now on I will be an avid reader and fan. I would like to personally thank you for making these awesome comics and I would also like to thank Kate Beaton for bringing me here.
  • 78)Message de Miguel Young posté le 22 February 2012 à 20:14:37
    Beautiful work! Superb storytelling and an ending that delivers after a very well built momentum. You, sir, made me laugh out loud and gave me an Awww moment at the end. Thanks! :) Congratulations from Brazil. I´m spreading your story around.
  • 79)Message de Jeremy Dwiggins posté le 22 February 2012 à 20:35:11
    Oh. My. GOD. That's awesome. I am... in awe. That is all.
  • 80)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 February 2012 à 22:35:28
    Fantastic, all around. Writing, art, everything is just amazing. Don't "fix" the French parts, it just adds to the joy. So good, I can't say enough. I loved it.
  • 81)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 February 2012 à 18:39:51
    I want some art student to turn this into a short movie. It'd make an excellent short film.
  • 82)Message de Anonymous posté le 7 March 2012 à 01:16:22
    Wow. This was both hilarious and beautiful. AND clever! I really loved it.
  • 83)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 March 2012 à 17:36:59
    Was not suppose to be comical but I laughed a lot! It is VERY good!
  • 84)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 March 2012 à 00:58:03
    This is awesome! What drawing tools did you use?
  • 85)Message de Folket posté le 26 March 2012 à 11:27:31
    The comic that made me find this blog. I do not remember where I found the link but I'm very happy I did click it. This is probably the best story on the site so far but I would recommend to anyone to read the whole archives.
  • 86)Message de Tarun Uday posté le 14 April 2012 à 13:19:38
    Man... That was AMAZING. Great job :D
  • 87)Message de rodrigocl posté le 5 May 2012 à 22:18:35
    I may say, this is one of the best comics I saw on internet. And I saw a LOT! When I show it to friends, they all agree with me. Wish I could see your printed comic / graphic novel / other works, althought I'm not familiar in any way with french. Anyway, thank you :)
  • 88)Message de Anonymous posté le 19 May 2012 à 17:51:33
    Tres magnifique! Is that close? This comics is stupendous! Thanks! We all know guys like this! Conan
  • 89)Message de Nymous posté le 11 June 2012 à 16:54:46
    Still love this comic. I read it once a month.
  • 90)Message de mens bomber jacket posté le 2 July 2012 à 18:05:03
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  • 91)Message de Anonymous posté le 6 August 2012 à 18:50:18
    This is the best comic I've read on the web!
  • 92)Message de szybkie pożyczki bez bik lublin posté le 3 September 2012 à 04:01:37
    First off I want to say excellent blog! I had a quick question that I'd like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing. I've had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I truly do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Many thanks!
  • 93)Message de Keith posté le 4 October 2012 à 22:40:37
    That is one of the greatest comic stories I have ever read—incredibly expressive visuals. I came here because of Inkstuds. I will have to listen to the interview, now. Bravo! - Pennsylvania, United States
  • 94)Message de Anonymous posté le 9 January 2013 à 15:00:22
    I loved that comic :) Very interesting concept (well, that is not that strange for you) and great execution (heh, same. Guess that makes my comment redundant).
  • 95)Message de Thomas posté le 10 February 2013 à 22:08:04
    When he is describing the person who is the definition of severe it says "...a haircut so clean the NASA probably designed it in a wind tunnel..." It should be "...so clean that NASA probably..." Also in the same panel it says "The kind of guy who classify his nails clips in alphabetical order" it should be "The kind of guy who'd classify his nail clippings..." In the next panel it says "You couldn't imagine him overwise than being severe..." It should be "You couldn't imagine him otherwise than being severe..." or just saying other sounds more natural than otherwise IMO.
  • 96)Message de Alex posté le 13 February 2013 à 10:00:23
    clap clap clap clap clap!!! wonderful!
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  • 100)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 June 2013 à 10:09:00
    Hey, great story, but i some parts are really hard to read. on the one hand i have problems to decide whats an "h" and whats an "m", and a lot of letters are so close that they result in other letters or are just hard to identify. maybe you could work on that and leave little gaps for easier reading ;)
  • 101)Message de Anonymous posté le 13 June 2013 à 19:19:06
    Brilliant. I loved this comic so much. Great ideas, great visuals, excellent story telling.
  • 102)Message de Anonymous posté le 20 June 2013 à 14:56:18
    j'adore cette BD! C'est vraiment chouette ! Il n'a pas possible d'acheter cette BD?
  • 103)Message de Jessica Allardyce posté le 4 July 2013 à 22:15:26
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    • Q : Who are you and what is this blog ?

      I’m Boulet, a french cartoonist living in Paris. I’ve had about 20 books published, most of them for young readers. I also worked on two books of the “Dungeon” series with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar (available in English, ask at your local comic shop).
      This blog is an attempt to translate my french blog ” bouletcorp.com “. I started in 2004 and have drawn more than 1600 entries. I’m trying to catch up but it’s a huge undertaking!

    • Q : The translation are sometime awkward, how do you work ?

      The translation is a very delicate subject !

      Most of the translations were performed by followers of my french blog, but very few of them are native anglophones, so the accuracy varies a lot.

      I tried to find a professional translator but it turned out it was far too much expensive for me alone. So I offered to give an original artwork in exchange of amateur translations (like, for a month or so of comics to translate) but even then it was complicated because just the re-handwriting the texts and posting them alone took a lot of time, and having to do original artworks for it and posting them was a lot of work too. Anyway I can’t manage it like this either.

      So for this new version, I’m going to give it a try and translate all by myself.

    • Q : Can we help you to make it sound better ?

      That would be the idea !

      As you can see in this FAQ, I’m not so good in english ! So here’s what I have in mind: if you think you can make the translation sound better, just write your propositions in the comments, and I will gradually update the comics.

      The more comments and remarks I’ll get, the more I’ll be happy !

      Just be indulgent, I try my best, and translation is not my main job !

    • Q : I am french, but I fluently speak english, can I help anyway ?

      Yes you can, of course, but must tell I will pay more attention to native anglophone comments !

      I had a lot of people trying to translate, and each time, english or american people told me it was still awkward. French people tend to be overconfident with their level in english or at least, with their ability to translate a comic. It’s not just about being accurate, it’s also about making it soud good, you have to feel it, and that’s almost impossible if you are not english or american.

      The best help I could help would be from english or US cartoonists !

    • Q : I can’t translate, but is there anything else I can do to help ?

      Even if it’s written in english, it’s not easy to share this webcomic: in France I can rely on cartoonist friends or specialized reeferers to share, but it’s very difficult to make people discover my work in other countries !

      So if you want to help, it’s very easy: you can share with your friends ! If you have friends who don’t speak french, tell them about this page, and use social networks to share the comics you liked !

    • Q : How did you make this layout ?

      First, this blog was programmed with flash.

      But flash is a very heavy format, and very difficult to share. A few months ago, I decided to rebuild it whith a different platform. I discussed about this with Arnold on Twitter. He’s very good with WordPress, so I designed and he made this happen !


    • Q : Can I use the same layout for my blog ?

      WordPress is supposed to be a free-sharing platform, but we worked a lot on this, and we don’t specially want that anyone could use it without consulting us.

      The layout programming is Arnold’s, so you can ask him and he will be the only judge ! If he likes your work, I think he will be happy to authorize you to use this !

      His contact is at the bottom of the site, on the main page.

    • Q : Where can we buy your work ? Do you have a shop with posters, mugs or T-shirts ?

      For now, there’s not such a thing. I try to keep this the less “commercial” I can. But maybe I will change my mind some day !

      The only available work I have in english are the two books I drew for the serie “Dungeon” with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. Ask for it in any comic book shop ! The more you ask them to order it, the easiest will it get to obtain !
      If you want to have a better translation of this webcomic, you just have to harass US and UK publishers, till one of them agrees to publish it in english :)

      For my french work, I drew a lot of books, here’ the entire list:

      Glénat Editions:


      Tome 1 : Dragon Junior

      Tome 2 : Fées et Gestes

      Tome 3 : Terreurs de la nature

      Tome 4 : Légendes urbaines

      Tome 5 : Tempus Fugit

      Tome 6 : Casus Belli

      -La Rubrique Scientifique

      Tome 1

      Tome 2

      Tome 3

      -Le Miya (with Reno, Julien Néel and Libon)

      -Womoks (only scenario, drawing by Reno)

      Tome 1 : Mutant, suspends ton vol…

      Tome 2 : Le croiseur s’amuse

      Tome 3 : Albon, les brutes et les truands


      La boîte à bulles Edition:

      -Le vœu de…

      Tome 1 : Le vœu de Marc (coscenarist with Nicolas Wild, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      Tome 2 : Le vœu de Simon (coscenarist with Lucie Albon, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      -Amour et Désir (Collectif, seven pages under the alias Ella Forbin)


      -Delcourt Edition:

      -Donjon (avec Lewis Trondheim et Joann Sfar au scénario, et Lucie Albon à la couleur)

      Tome 5 : Un mariage à part

      Tome 6 : Retour en fanfare

      -Notes (these are the compilations of all the entries of the french blog)

      Tome 1 : Born to be a larve

      Tome 2 : Le petit théâtre de la rue

      Tome 3 : La viande, c’est la force

      Tome 4 : Songe est Mensonge

      Tome 5 : Quelques Minutes avant la Fin du Monde

      Tome 6 : Debout mes globules ! (à paraître, 23 novembre 2011)

      -Chicou-Chicou (under the alias Ella Forbin, with Aude Picault, Domitille Collardey, Lisa Mandel and Erwann Surcouf)

      -Boule de neige (collective compilation of works for the 24-hours comics of Angoulême )

      -La Maison Close (collective book by Ruppert et Mulot)

      -La Page Blanche (scenarist, drawing by Pénélope Bagieu. Release in january 2012)

      -Bragelonne Edition:

      -Tous malades ! (original title: Now we’re Sick) (illustrations for a collection of adult poems by Neil Gaiman and other authors, with Reno and Mélaka)

      -Erik le Viking (illustrations of the french version of Terry Jones’s book)

      -L’almanach illustré 2008. (texts by Laurent Genefort and Gudule)


      Nekomix :

      -Soupir (collectif)

      Tome 1, 2008

      Tome 2, 2009

      -Nekomix 7 spécial cinéma (collectif)


      -Barclay-Universal :

      -Repenti (Illustrations for Renan Luce’s album, christmas edition)

    • Q : Can I use one of your comics to print a shirt / a poster / to put it on my blog / to illustrate my book / magazine ?

      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
      -You can use one panel or two if you are making a citation (for example: if you write an article about my work or about webcomics in general, you can show a couple of pictures, without asking me. You just have to put the source under it: my name and the blog’s URL, clikable if your article is on internet. You don’t specially have to tell me, but it would be nice)
      -If you want to share a story on internet, the way I like better is one panel, clikable, redirecting to my original blog.
      -You can use a comic or more for pedagogic use if it’s a non-commercial use: if you’re a teacher and you need a printing from the blog for your class, if you’re a student and need an illustration for an essay or your thesis, I’m totally ok if you respect these two conditions: you have to ask me FIRST (because I wouldn’t like to illustrate something I totally disagree with), and the use must be completely NON-COMMERCIAL (you CAN’T sell it, no matter the format), NON-POLITIC (especially if you are a kind of nationalist NRA douchebag) and NON-RELIGIOUS (I’m an atheist, and I work for no church or cult)

    • Q : Can I buy you an original artwork ?

      I don’t really need mone for now, so I don’t sell my original works… So no !
      And I have a lot of work waiting to be done, so I don’t have time to make special drawings for birthdays, christmas presents or stuff like that !

    • Q : I’m very rich and I want to hire you / I want to publish your work

      Ok, send me an email and we’ll see ! :)
      I’m not specially looking for work now, but if you have something nice to propose, maybe we can find an arrangement !
      If you want to publish material from this blog, my publisher shares the copyrights with me, so you have to contact him ! look for “editions Delcourt” on the web !