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  • 1)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 June 2014 à 16:37:29
    Yep, that GIf comic was how I found your bouletcorp in the first place! It was one of the prettier things on the Internet, truly.
  • 2)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 June 2014 à 18:44:52
    With 6002 upvotes as of today, "Our Toyota was fantastic" is the top voted comic at /r/comics on reddit. Not the top voted Boulet comic, the top voted comic of all comics ever posted in that forum :)
  • 3)Message de kamarrada posté le 1 June 2014 à 18:53:33
    What the problem with cab drivers? Does it comes with the license plates? "Now you're a cabbie and will never have love again... By the way, everybody will hate you for good." And one day I'll find the hidden place were all of them hides when is raining.
  • 4)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 June 2014 à 19:26:48
    Nice, very poetic juxtaposition of the experience overlayed with one of the most common of relationship problems. I'm often frustrated with how we deal with love and romance, no one really likes to talk about the bad end of things, there's really NO HELP when love goes bad, or away, or whatever. But let's face it, every relationship that has ended in our lives was for the best (at least we'll eventually see it so), so why do we get so upset about it? Why are there not artists and poets and films dedicated to this topic? The end of the romance is probably more interesting like Tolstoy said about unhappiness. :)
  • 5)Message de Anne posté le 1 June 2014 à 19:33:01
    The Taxi’s Lady friend is probably wearing a thong in bed, not a string. Unless she is into bondage. :)
  • 6)Message de Anonymous posté le 1 June 2014 à 21:40:39
    A g-string, or "string" for short, is a type of skimpy underwear. Don't ask me what the difference between a string and a thong is, but they both exist. The translation is correct.
  • 7)Message de Glenn-o-matic posté le 1 June 2014 à 21:43:21
    "-And he survived to cartoon again!" Just think of it: every single fare of every cab is a story. He would probably charge more (and demand a bigger tip) if you got in with cameras and a sound-man though.
  • 8)Message de Anne posté le 1 June 2014 à 22:24:32
    Just saying that “thong” is much a more efficient visual than “string” in America.
  • 9)Message de wokboy posté le 1 June 2014 à 22:39:56
    Beautiful work & great wee story! As per your request in the FAQ here's a couple of corrections from a native english-speaker (from Ireland). Panel 9: I was the one she was saying "We are just friends" to. Panel 26: I'm going to keep my distance for the moment.
  • 10)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 June 2014 à 00:17:52
    ohhh jeez, what a creepy guy!
  • 11)Message de c3p posté le 2 June 2014 à 06:27:01
    Uhh i can see wwhy this Comic is so popular - it's really relatable!
  • 12)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 June 2014 à 06:39:39
    Great comic! Can't wait to see next month's!
  • 13)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 2 June 2014 à 17:13:49
    Have to agree with message 8, from a US dialect perspective "string" sounds weird, so for the US version either "thong" or "g-string". But man, Boulet must have upped his translation game, there's hardly any syntax or usage issues with this one, and lots of subtle places where they could have cropped up but didn't. So, massaging to native USA casual-speak -- Row/panel 3/3 -- 'I am the one who she was saying "we are just friends"' -> This is a tricky one, it's an awkward bit of phrasing, but it's an appropriate awkwardness, it wouldn't sound at all weird coming out of a native speaker's mouth. 'I am the one about whom she was saying "we are just friends"' is a technically correct way to phrase it and keep "I am the one" at the beginning, but nobody uses that "about whom" construction any more, especially not emotionally overwrought taxi drivers. If you want it both technically correct and usage-appropriate you have to rearrange the sentence, like 'When she was saying "we are just friends" that was me." but then you lose "I am the one". Or you can do "I am the one who she was saying "we are just friends" about' but it actually sounds more awkward, and you get all those latin-grammar-fetish dangling-preposition nazis on your ass and who needs that? So, no change needed. 5/3 -- string -> thong or g-string 6/3 -- Honnest(x2) -> honest 9/2 -- "I'm going to take my distances for a moment" -> "I'm going to keep my distance for the moment" (go wokboy!) 9/3 -- Necesserely -> necessarily "Here you go champ" -> "There you go champ" "I wish you die" -> "I hope you die"
  • 14)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 June 2014 à 17:24:23
    whoops, one more, but very minor row/panel 7/1 -- "crossroad" -> "intersection" "crossroad" would be understood, but feels more like an old, countryish thing, dirt roads, dark trees, like where you make the deal with the devil to play guitar like Robert Johnson.
  • 15)Message de Faman posté le 2 June 2014 à 21:56:20
    Je me demande si dans la version coréenne du blog, il y a aussi des hanja nazis dans les commentaires ? - désolé mais string ne s'écrit pas trait, trait, rond au dessus du trait, c'est plutôt demi cercle, trait vertical avec barre médiane, ovale vertical, trait ! A moins que tu veuilles parler du renouveau printanier mais alors ça n'a aucun sens ! * *en coréen dans le texte.
  • 16)Message de Anonymous posté le 2 June 2014 à 23:13:14
    No one outside of america uses intersection. Crossroads is perfect as it's understood by ALL English speakers
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 3 June 2014 à 09:12:26
    Please gentlemen, don't forget we the french learn The Queen's british english at school : it can be pretty difficult to juggle different english idioms ;) For example, a purse is a bag for ladies in the US, and for the UK it's a coin wallet, am I wrong ?
  • 18)Message de Anonymous posté le 10 June 2014 à 12:06:47
    Ha, I don't have these kind of problem with people who want to steal my vital energy, since I am russian, and it is "normal" for a russian to seem rude and grim, so if someone is being an "attention whore", a less friendly looking man is off the hook! Take that, highly-cultural EU! :-) P.S.: That comics of yours about your family car was marvelous! When I read it, I would always put that song "The city feels clean this time of night Just empty streets and me walking home To clear my head And though it came as no surprise I'm affected more than I had guessed..." My dad had a motor boat on Volga river...
  • 19)Message de Alex posté le 16 June 2014 à 09:21:42
    Anne wrote: "Just saying that “thong” is much a more efficient visual than “string” in America." So what? Tallahassee John wrote: " for the US version either "thong" or "g-string"" What "US version"? It's an English version, read by English speakers all over the world. It's not enough that Boulet provides an English translation? You want it in your own particular style of English as well? Do you dummies view the internet as US = ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE! and REST OF WORLD = JIBBER JABBER PEOPLE?
  • 20)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 June 2014 à 09:57:43
    A German friend of mine said he thought for the longest time that the English word for the point where two roads meet was "satellites": When he asked for directions in Australia, people told him, "First turn left at the next set o' lights and when you reach the second set o' lights after that..."
  • 21)Message de [RANDLINE-names.txt] posté le 22 September 2014 à 00:11:17

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    • Q : Who are you and what is this blog ?

      I’m Boulet, a french cartoonist living in Paris. I’ve had about 20 books published, most of them for young readers. I also worked on two books of the “Dungeon” series with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar (available in English, ask at your local comic shop).
      This blog is an attempt to translate my french blog ” “. I started in 2004 and have drawn more than 1600 entries. I’m trying to catch up but it’s a huge undertaking!

    • Q : The translation are sometime awkward, how do you work ?

      The translation is a very delicate subject !

      Most of the translations were performed by followers of my french blog, but very few of them are native anglophones, so the accuracy varies a lot.

      I tried to find a professional translator but it turned out it was far too much expensive for me alone. So I offered to give an original artwork in exchange of amateur translations (like, for a month or so of comics to translate) but even then it was complicated because just the re-handwriting the texts and posting them alone took a lot of time, and having to do original artworks for it and posting them was a lot of work too. Anyway I can’t manage it like this either.

      So for this new version, I’m going to give it a try and translate all by myself.

    • Q : Can we help you to make it sound better ?

      That would be the idea !

      As you can see in this FAQ, I’m not so good in english ! So here’s what I have in mind: if you think you can make the translation sound better, just write your propositions in the comments, and I will gradually update the comics.

      The more comments and remarks I’ll get, the more I’ll be happy !

      Just be indulgent, I try my best, and translation is not my main job !

    • Q : I am french, but I fluently speak english, can I help anyway ?

      Yes you can, of course, but must tell I will pay more attention to native anglophone comments !

      I had a lot of people trying to translate, and each time, english or american people told me it was still awkward. French people tend to be overconfident with their level in english or at least, with their ability to translate a comic. It’s not just about being accurate, it’s also about making it soud good, you have to feel it, and that’s almost impossible if you are not english or american.

      The best help I could help would be from english or US cartoonists !

    • Q : I can’t translate, but is there anything else I can do to help ?

      Even if it’s written in english, it’s not easy to share this webcomic: in France I can rely on cartoonist friends or specialized reeferers to share, but it’s very difficult to make people discover my work in other countries !

      So if you want to help, it’s very easy: you can share with your friends ! If you have friends who don’t speak french, tell them about this page, and use social networks to share the comics you liked !

    • Q : How did you make this layout ?

      First, this blog was programmed with flash.

      But flash is a very heavy format, and very difficult to share. A few months ago, I decided to rebuild it whith a different platform. I discussed about this with Arnold on Twitter. He’s very good with WordPress, so I designed and he made this happen !


    • Q : Can I use the same layout for my blog ?

      WordPress is supposed to be a free-sharing platform, but we worked a lot on this, and we don’t specially want that anyone could use it without consulting us.

      The layout programming is Arnold’s, so you can ask him and he will be the only judge ! If he likes your work, I think he will be happy to authorize you to use this !

      His contact is at the bottom of the site, on the main page.

    • Q : Where can we buy your work ? Do you have a shop with posters, mugs or T-shirts ?

      For now, there’s not such a thing. I try to keep this the less “commercial” I can. But maybe I will change my mind some day !

      The only available work I have in english are the two books I drew for the serie “Dungeon” with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. Ask for it in any comic book shop ! The more you ask them to order it, the easiest will it get to obtain !
      If you want to have a better translation of this webcomic, you just have to harass US and UK publishers, till one of them agrees to publish it in english :)

      For my french work, I drew a lot of books, here’ the entire list:

      Glénat Editions:


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      -Le Miya (with Reno, Julien Néel and Libon)

      -Womoks (only scenario, drawing by Reno)

      Tome 1 : Mutant, suspends ton vol…

      Tome 2 : Le croiseur s’amuse

      Tome 3 : Albon, les brutes et les truands


      La boîte à bulles Edition:

      -Le vœu de…

      Tome 1 : Le vœu de Marc (coscenarist with Nicolas Wild, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      Tome 2 : Le vœu de Simon (coscenarist with Lucie Albon, drawing by Lucie Albon)

      -Amour et Désir (Collectif, seven pages under the alias Ella Forbin)


      -Delcourt Edition:

      -Donjon (avec Lewis Trondheim et Joann Sfar au scénario, et Lucie Albon à la couleur)

      Tome 5 : Un mariage à part

      Tome 6 : Retour en fanfare

      -Notes (these are the compilations of all the entries of the french blog)

      Tome 1 : Born to be a larve

      Tome 2 : Le petit théâtre de la rue

      Tome 3 : La viande, c’est la force

      Tome 4 : Songe est Mensonge

      Tome 5 : Quelques Minutes avant la Fin du Monde

      Tome 6 : Debout mes globules ! (à paraître, 23 novembre 2011)

      -Chicou-Chicou (under the alias Ella Forbin, with Aude Picault, Domitille Collardey, Lisa Mandel and Erwann Surcouf)

      -Boule de neige (collective compilation of works for the 24-hours comics of Angoulême )

      -La Maison Close (collective book by Ruppert et Mulot)

      -La Page Blanche (scenarist, drawing by Pénélope Bagieu. Release in january 2012)

      -Bragelonne Edition:

      -Tous malades ! (original title: Now we’re Sick) (illustrations for a collection of adult poems by Neil Gaiman and other authors, with Reno and Mélaka)

      -Erik le Viking (illustrations of the french version of Terry Jones’s book)

      -L’almanach illustré 2008. (texts by Laurent Genefort and Gudule)


      Nekomix :

      -Soupir (collectif)

      Tome 1, 2008

      Tome 2, 2009

      -Nekomix 7 spécial cinéma (collectif)


      -Barclay-Universal :

      -Repenti (Illustrations for Renan Luce’s album, christmas edition)

    • Q : Can I use one of your comics to print a shirt / a poster / to put it on my blog / to illustrate my book / magazine ?

      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
      -You can use one panel or two if you are making a citation (for example: if you write an article about my work or about webcomics in general, you can show a couple of pictures, without asking me. You just have to put the source under it: my name and the blog’s URL, clikable if your article is on internet. You don’t specially have to tell me, but it would be nice)
      -If you want to share a story on internet, the way I like better is one panel, clikable, redirecting to my original blog.
      -You can use a comic or more for pedagogic use if it’s a non-commercial use: if you’re a teacher and you need a printing from the blog for your class, if you’re a student and need an illustration for an essay or your thesis, I’m totally ok if you respect these two conditions: you have to ask me FIRST (because I wouldn’t like to illustrate something I totally disagree with), and the use must be completely NON-COMMERCIAL (you CAN’T sell it, no matter the format), NON-POLITIC (especially if you are a kind of nationalist NRA douchebag) and NON-RELIGIOUS (I’m an atheist, and I work for no church or cult)

    • Q : Can I buy you an original artwork ?

      I don’t really need mone for now, so I don’t sell my original works… So no !
      And I have a lot of work waiting to be done, so I don’t have time to make special drawings for birthdays, christmas presents or stuff like that !

    • Q : I’m very rich and I want to hire you / I want to publish your work

      Ok, send me an email and we’ll see ! :)
      I’m not specially looking for work now, but if you have something nice to propose, maybe we can find an arrangement !
      If you want to publish material from this blog, my publisher shares the copyrights with me, so you have to contact him ! look for “editions Delcourt” on the web !