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  • 1)Message de Louise posté le 18 April 2014 à 00:19:23
    The first part makes me think of this John Mulaney sketch about Law&Order (if you don't know this guy, check him out, he's very funny) :
  • 2)Message de DarkoNeko posté le 18 April 2014 à 00:28:00
    At least put the other shoe on ! *_*
  • 3)Message de Mark posté le 18 April 2014 à 00:42:18
    Is your murder victim Zach Weinersmith of SMBC Comics?
  • 4)Message de Subbak posté le 18 April 2014 à 01:02:24
    @Mark: Well, Boulet has and Zach Weinersmith have done a panel together at least once, and preseumably he changed it from the French version to someone non-French readers are more likely to know.
  • 5)Message de John posté le 18 April 2014 à 01:19:31
    Speaking of French portrayal in American TV/Movies, The Merovingian in the english version of The Matrix Reloaded was perfect: Note that the actor, Lambert Wilson, *is* French and was asked to exagerate his french accent despite being able to speak english fluently and without accent. [cit:]
  • 6)Message de franzy posté le 18 April 2014 à 02:11:26
    Ah, Boulet. Now you understand the pain and hilarity of watching American actors try to do an AUSTRALIAN accent. They stopped doing it years ago because it automatically turned every movie into a comedy for Australians. It's like watching Lord of the Rings and suddenly Gandalf turns up in a clown costume and starts making fart jokes. Or someone doing that Goo-Goo voice people use only with babies and insisting that everyone talks like that and nothing is different. Oo! Could this be another comic? Please draw Gandalf in a clown costume! Sorry, mate. I just got carried away. Good to see English posting is back! *Meryl Streep actually did a pretty good job in A Cry in the Dark, but only because it was just amazing that she managed to hold it together for so long.
  • 7)Message de Styarna posté le 18 April 2014 à 04:38:51
    Hey! What's wrong with the Montreal accent? J'te niaise Boulet, on sais toute la gang que tu trippe ben raide sur nus autres : )
  • 8)Message de Jesahel posté le 18 April 2014 à 07:16:27
    You already know that, but, simply, you're too old to watch this stupid TV, as you're too old for magic shows, too old for bad video games with known ending and finality. Go out, and touch people (not "get in touch with", really *touch*). What will happens is not predictable, and maybe it's why we're afraid of it, but it could also be so exciting. It's life.
  • 9)Message de Georgine posté le 18 April 2014 à 07:57:00
    These are not American things, I swear! It baffles and enrages us too when characters do something like hang the phone up without concluding the call. See (Sorry to anyone who loses the rest of their workday on this site!)
  • 10)Message de Hakka posté le 18 April 2014 à 07:57:07
    I remember old-ish movies where the french accents sounded like a weird version of a french guy trying to do a german accent HHHHHH In the first episode of Marvel Agents of Shield, that takes place in Paris, they have maybe two/three lines of dialogue in french one said by an american actor (playing an american spy) who actually doesn't have such a bad accent, and the other by a french guy who even more surprisingly had a perfect french accent. It surprised me enough that I rewinded the video to make sure XD
  • 11)Message de Nic Arp posté le 18 April 2014 à 11:09:33
    what about the car they park and never bother to lock the door. just shut it close and take off into the mall. (or wherever) and the phone numbers that always starts with 555. but there is a back story to that.
  • 12)Message de boulet posté le 18 April 2014 à 11:42:50
    Jesahel: Woah. That was deep. You are so right! I almost missed my whole life! I would have done nothing with it if it wasn't for your insightful, life-changing comment on my website! Touching people. THAT'S GENIUS! SUDDENLY THE SUN SEEMS TO SHINE, AND IT'S FOR THE FIRST TIME! WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THESE YEARS? Thank you, THANK YOU for this life lesson. Tears are running down my face right now. Could you talk to me about your God? I'm sure you've got an amazing one. GIVE ME MORE LESSONS, PLEASE! I'll be outside, caressing the bark of a tree and talking to the birds.
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 18 April 2014 à 16:18:23
    If it helps, I once saw an interview where Law and Order writers acknowledged the unreality of the while-working interview scene. But the pacing of them has to be so tight that they can't put full human reactions in them, really. And watching grieving people is kind of not really the thematic point of a L&O sort of story anyway?
  • 14)Message de Elk' posté le 18 April 2014 à 18:39:33
    @Jesahel When I read your comment, I can't stop seeing an old man with a beard walking on the street touching every person he crosses. Creepy... @Boulet Hahaha !
  • 15)Message de Lisandro Lorea posté le 18 April 2014 à 19:46:17
    That's what I like about Scandinavian crime dramas. They're much more down to Earth. Detective: "Can we zoom in on the license plate using the security camera footage" Specialist: "Not really. The video quality sucks" Detective: "Can you crack the .rar file?" Specialist (browses for a "rar cracker 1.5" or something like that and executes it, no funny noises coming from the PC): "yeahhhh.. I can try but I'll take at least a few days. I'll call you if it works" [from what I remember of episodes of Wallander and Broen]
  • 16)Message de Anonymous posté le 18 April 2014 à 21:04:05
    Et ça, c'est pas mal comme doublage, non ? Et encore je suis gentil, je te mets pas "jaguar force".
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 18 April 2014 à 23:34:31
    That brusque tone, walking away, no goodbyes, it's understandable. In these shows all the characters are noir action stereotypes, with limited dialogue possibilities. They don't really have thoughts or emotions, just a couple of facial expressions, a gun, and a *catchphrase*. Those are fine in a movie, you only have to hear Arnold say "I'll be bahck" the once, but you know if you hung out with him it'd be every day the same thing and god that would get tedious. You share an office with the guy and like, every time he goes to piss, or gets on the phone, even when it's *voicemail*. So really, when our hero hangs up or walks away he's not being rude so much as he's trying not to hear for the umpteenth time some lame macho tagline. The alternative to the quick hangup is him shouting into the phone "For the love of god think of something new to say!" and that would interrupt the narrative flow.
  • 18)Message de Dex posté le 19 April 2014 à 07:41:16
    One of my favourite notes. I like the way you adapted it in english :)
  • 19)Message de Sarcanomics posté le 20 April 2014 à 09:49:31
    Hahaha...loved it!
  • 20)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 20 April 2014 à 18:51:45
    Ah-hah! That's how to add names to messages. Sorry, the "catchphrase" reply was mine, and I must have had my eyes half-closed, didn't notice the "Nom" field, and I forgot to mention I am a newcomer to this site, and all things Boulet, but that it's amazingly cool. I see that before you mentioned welcoming comments on your english translation. At the same time I haven't seen a lot of them lately. And the translations are very good, but there's bound to be some vernacular differences, and hopefully you didn't already say somewhere that you were tired of minor quibbling... Anyway, here goes. By panels, row/column 1/1 "serie" -> "TV series". "series" makes it grammatical, but usage is almost always with "TV", "HBO", "procedural" or other like modifier. 1/3 "drowned into concrete" -> "immersed in concrete", "covered with concrete", "drowned" usually only applies if that's what killed him, can't drown a minced-up corpse, and I assume he was dead by the time the shredder completed the lasagnafication. 2/3 "just here" -> "right here" 2/3 "to you mind" -> "do you mind" typo? 3/1 "the slug was coming from" -> "the slug came from"/"the slug was from" 4/3 "we were cut" -> "we were cut off"/"we got cut off" 4/3 "hanged up my phone" -> "hung up my phone" / "hung up" 5/1 "toodle-loo" -> not an error, I just like the idea of that being a hard-boiled homicide detective's catchphrase. "toodle-loo, scumbag" 5/2 "walking in a street" -> "walking in the street" 8/1 "admin" -> "admit" thinking-about-computers typo 8/3 "email" -> "emails"/"email messages" 8/3 "got"->"get" 9/1 "staring outside the window"->"staring out the window" So, looks like a lot, but all of the "arbitrary usages that give the gloss of native fluency" type. Much better than I've seen editting other translations. Albeit those are mostly from chinese to english. And my personal variety is US native, with childhood influences from the deep south (my second-person plural is "y'all") but otherwise pretty much Standard US (i.e. TV-speak).
  • 21)Message de kamarrada posté le 20 April 2014 à 19:32:28
  • 22)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 20 April 2014 à 22:33:31
    @kamarrada You take that back! Captain America punched Hitler in the pixels to save the world from Nazi declensions and compound words! Besides, this is not some grammatical Guantanamo, no, this is Super Secret Whole Lot of X's SPY COLLEGE! Here is where Boulet's comics are trained to infiltrate foreign countries, as a vital first step towards inevitable Total World Domination. The US scene, while home to some very nice independent comics, is largely dominated by superhero monthlies and daily syndicated strips, the comics equivalent of teenagers and geriatrics, both groups prone to kneejerk jingoistic xenophobia. Without a convincing US accent Boulet's comics are likely to be shunned by the likes of Spider-Man and Garfield. Boulet might never be parodied in Doonesbury, or enjoy a temporary advantage over Superman in a group fight scene of a Justice League cartoon. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT KAMARRADA IS IT?!?! Anyway, this is all dealt with in the super-secret section of the FAQ. Maybe you missed it. You go look, I'll stay right here.
  • 23)Message de Anonymous posté le 20 April 2014 à 23:19:13
    Heh. They do the wrong accent thing in spanish as well. I'm constantly seeing colombians and cubans playing mexicans, and suposedly native spanish speakers who are clearly heavily accented latinos. It's gotten a little bit better lately but it's strange that Hollywood gets it's spanish wrong given that Los Angeles is the second city with the most mexicans on the planet.
  • 24)Message de kamarrada posté le 21 April 2014 à 03:11:19
  • 25)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 21 April 2014 à 05:14:40
    Kamarrada! Enough of you and your SHENANIGANS! I'm leaving now and it's ALL YOUR FAULT! Also... it's bedtime. We get the accent thing here too, southern characters are written as dumb-ass tractor-cap-wearing grits-swilling sister-fuckers, which is, fine, grits are nice, some people have really cute sisters, still, the south is a pretty big chunk of the country, with a lot of really distinct regional accents, but on TV all the characters get the same super-thick hicky fake drawl, or sometimes worse, you'll have a character that's supposed to be from some small Georgia town and the actor playing him is from Texas. And you know they cast him because they couldn't tell the difference -- "Oh he sounds so authentic!" A Texan! And then the sister's played by some actress from I dunno, New Jersey, and she isn't even that cute. Well. Night night y'all!
  • 26)Message de madragoran posté le 21 April 2014 à 09:01:55
    Well... believe it or not I used to know a guy [insert sob story] that did that in real life. He'd jump in and out of conversations without a hello or a goodbye. Seems They Live! :p
  • 27)Message de Arys posté le 21 April 2014 à 14:50:55
    To be fair, they get most of the American cultural references and accents wrong as well, not just French or even international. Sometimes I wonder if they are even correct in their portrayal of New York and LA...
  • 28)Message de Bympus posté le 22 April 2014 à 14:45:27
    Wow... Je n'arrive pas à lire l'anglais de Boulet... Dis, cette note sortira en français ?
  • 29)Message de kamarrada posté le 23 April 2014 à 00:53:34
    If Google translate was right, yes.
  • 30)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 23 April 2014 à 01:59:23
    Kamarrada! Don't be a smart-ass! Also, shame on you for forgetting your high school french lessons. MAUVAIS KAMARRADA! Bympus, pour voir la version française, cliquez sur la bande dessinée.
  • 31)Message de kamarrada posté le 25 April 2014 à 23:17:59
    Tallahassee John, I never had french lessons on high school... I had english lessons on high school. And didn't forget because the teacher was a hot chick!
  • 32)Message de Tallahassee John posté le 28 April 2014 à 13:02:39
    Kamarrada, shame on you sexy foreigners stealing our English-speaking women with your seductive accents! My high school french teacher was actually the spanish teacher, just keeping a couple of chapters ahead of us in the book. And then, her family was originally from Portugal. She was beautiful, but french, spanish, portuguese, I could never settle on which country to lust after.
  • 33)Message de Yungblut posté le 6 May 2014 à 02:15:57
    The phone thing happened in Dexter a lot, also the car-following scenes in wich the chaser parks his car in front of the house of the chased but in the other side of the street, like if that distance was enough to hide him.
  • 34)Message de Vree posté le 17 November 2014 à 15:49:05
    Lol, it's not a "cultural thing"...It's a movie thing. :D A speed thing. I mean, look at this scene again: Cop: "So, you knew the victim?" Worker: "Yes, Ted was my best friend for 20 years. Frank! I need those support beams brought to aisle 4, NOW!" Did that scene give you all the information you needed? It told you: - the relationship of the character and the victim, and the information the cop needed - it showed that this guy is a construction worker, same as Ted, and it showed what that tasks that job would involve. And it took, what, three or four lines? The whole scene can be wrapped up in less than a minute and we can continue on with the cop's investigation to where the REAL plot is happening. I mean, just like how a show about the daily lives of construction workers isn't likely to have a lot of murders in it, a crime show will probably not focus on the actual life of a construction worker, who will only appear as a character extra for a few minutes anyway. Let's imagine doing this scene realistically: Cop: "Mr. Junez? We need to talk to you. It is important." Worker: "I am pretty busy today. Can't it wait until after work hours?-" Cop: "I'm afraid not. This is official business. We are from New York PD and we are conducting an investigation. Can we go somewhere more quiet?" Worker: "The police? What does the police want with me?" Cop: "It is about Ted Masterson. His work permit says that he used to work here." Worker: "Ted? What happened to him?" Cop: "He's dead. We think it may have been a murder." Worker:"W-wait. Just a minute. Ted is dead? How...? Mitch, stop that and come here. Frank! Tell everyone to take a break and come here to listen to this." Mitch: "Sup, Boss?" Worker: "It's Ted. This policeman claims he is dead!" Mitch: "Gosh, not ol' Ted! I talked to 'im only a week ago!" Worker: "What happened, officer?" Cop: "He was crushed in the shredder then drowned into concrete." Worker: "He...Ugh, I'm sorry, I need a moment." Mitch: "Oh mee god." Worker: "Old Ted! Of all people! He- he was best man at my wedding...Who would do this to him?" Frank: "Horrible, just horrible." Mitch: "Oh my gosh. He always used to sing that godawful song..."The cows are coming marching home, ma-ha-arching hoome..." He even sang it at my wedding...I can't believe I'm never going to hear his voice again..." (sniff) Cop: "Yes, tragic. I wonder if you could answer a few more questions?" I mean, this is just not going to work. xD Even if this reaction is more realistic. (If for no other reason, then because we only have 26 minutes left from the episode and we can1t afford to spend this much time on a scene not even relevant to the main story.) There is only one excuse to into that amount of detail: If the construction worker is the killer, and the singing at the wedding is his motive...
  • 35)Message de Vree posté le 17 November 2014 à 16:20:30
    Not saying hello or goodbye at the beginning or the end of a conversation is the same thing. :) (We know people do it, so why waste more screentime on it?) There are lists about this on the internet by the way ("X things that only happen in movies"), with items like: 1. It is always possible to find a parking spot directly outside or opposite the building you are visiting. (Similarly, a taxi always will appear immediately as soon as you need it.) 2. When paying for a taxi, don’t look at your wallet as you take out a note. Just grab one out at random and hand it over. It will always be the exact fare. 3. Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at the precise moment it’s aired. etc. It's interesting that so many of these are in fact about speed, and the limited time there is for a movie or a TV episode.
  • 36)Message de Fex posté le 2 February 2016 à 16:30:16
    At least they know which language you guys speak. In Stigmata, people speak Spanish in Brazil. In The Incredible Hulk, people who leave in slums (who barely know Portuguese) speak a clear English that would make professional translators drown in jealousy. One third of Americans think our capitol is Buenos Aires, another third think it's Rio de Janeiro e the last third don't even know we are in the same continent. And while we are in this subject: why do they call themselves "Americans"? They are just one country, and United States of America is a ridiculous name. It's like your body was called "United Organs of Boulet", or cars were like "United Metal Pieces of Mustang". Talk about self centered. I call them United Staters.

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