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  • 1)Message de boulet posté le 28 December 2011 à 00:04:21
    Yeah, the story is sort of sad, so I put a cute bonus.
  • 2)Message de Vu Do Quang posté le 28 December 2011 à 01:07:11
    Salut Gilles Very good collision of ideas as usual. ;) Thank you very much, I'm sharing it to geeks and my family in USA. Mes cousines en effet apprennent le français, et tes planches traduites sont un super moyen d'apprendre l'autre langue en s'amusant. Justement cela me fait penser à un truc pour le nouveau blog qui manque par rapport à la précédente version (ou bien est ce une fonctionnalité que je n'ai pas encore capté ^^') : Avant il était facile de retrouver le lien vers la version traduite, ici cela ne semble plus possible de passer de l'original à la traduction facilement. Tes super potes guerriers de l'info auraient une idée? Bonnes fêtes bien arrosées en tout cas ;)
  • 3)Message de boulet posté le 28 December 2011 à 01:20:12
    I had the idea you ask: you just have to click on the comic and you'll be redirected to the french version of the note !
  • 4)Message de Yann posté le 28 December 2011 à 08:59:01
    Quite probably one of my favourite notes ever ! :)))))) And the bonus is cute indeed. For those who haven't noticed, pass your mouse over the pictures and you'll see Boulet's ranting over the fact that mainstream fantasy is invaded by teen heroes. Why is that so? Well... The learned answer might be that these novels or films belong to the old genre of the "initiation tale" (like David Copperfield for instance). The cynic's answer is that it's quite simply because teenagers are a target audience who will identify (and therefore buy the product) more easily if the hero is the same age as them... Last explanation : the cult of youth inherent in our society and the fact that adults who enjoy fantasy may be the ones who are the most nostalgic for their lost childhood? Take your pick or make your peace with it or go read "adult" stuff. Adults always know so much better, don't they? ;) Naaaaaaaaaah! Just re-read Raghnarok #6 by the way and I was wondering which came first? This note or the (grrrrrrrreat) album?
  • 5)Message de zarnold posté le 28 December 2011 à 11:27:53
    @Vu do &boulet : some others reader asked for it before... What kinda link d'ya want ? As boulet wrote, he can link an english page to the original one but there could be à better way, dont know... Whatever, it's an interesting UI problem. If anyone use both version, tell how you use it !
  • 6)Message de fonji posté le 29 December 2011 à 07:20:42
    Salut ! Tu as oublié de fermé les guillemets de "kill the big bad wolf". Bonne journée !
  • 7)Message de Claire Paq posté le 30 December 2011 à 01:29:06
    It's smaller on the inside!
  • 8)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 February 2012 à 03:34:42
    Hve you ever seen "Wizards", by Ralph Bakshi? This is actually very similar. :) Also, really great, I love your Dragons.
  • 9)Message de Vree posté le 23 February 2012 à 19:17:11
    Well, we have machines that can send messages at the speed of light, devices that can shoot death from your hand, computers that we can make do watever we want - the magic world is already here. :) I think that this magic is somewhat pessimistic though - in worlds of fantasy the concepts of "goodness" and "order" and "balance" are kind of built in, so while there is stuff like world destroying magic, there are also mystical forces that ensure that immoral acts have severe repercussions. So, because of that, things will probably not end this way.
  • 10)Message de Anonymous posté le 14 March 2012 à 00:08:18
    Wow, great comic. And I wish some regular plummer got inside a new magic world. It would be so hilarious! And this is coming from an annoying teenager. The bonus is totally cute, too. Hugs from a brazilian fan! [sorry my comment is useless]
  • 11)Message de Anonymous posté le 8 August 2012 à 05:55:22
    SO GOOD (both comic and react! <3
  • 12)Message de Pingumask posté le 21 December 2012 à 16:29:32
    I think Vu Do Quang was asking for the opposite link, from french to english version. Or maybe he's never read a single comment page, Boulet is asked this question with every single new comic.
  • 13)Message de Morris posté le 21 December 2012 à 17:09:58
    All of the books that you're ranting about in the comments are either children's books or "young adult" books (i.e. written for teenagers), so of course their protagonists are young. There's fantasy written for adults, also, in which the heroes tend to be older.
  • 14)Message de Xetra posté le 21 December 2012 à 18:06:49
    Neil Gaiman has made some great teenager-free fantasy (...well let's call that fantasy) books, where regular people are suddenly confronted to stuff like drunk leprechauns, ancient African gods or a bridge in the dark where something snatches random people when crossed. Though the main characters tend to all be of the loser type, losing his girlfriend, his job, his appartment, learning that his wife cheated on him with his best friend before both died... I don't know if that is specific of the autor, it also reminds me a bit of the guy in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... Maybe it makes it less sad to make the guy leave the real world. Or maybe surnatural and parallel worlds tend to seriously ruin you life.
  • 15)Message de Xetra posté le 21 December 2012 à 18:07:23
    Neil Gaiman has made some great teenager-free fantasy (...well let's call that fantasy) books, where regular people are suddenly confronted to stuff like drunk leprechauns, ancient African gods or a bridge in the dark where something snatches random people when crossed. Though the main characters tend to all be of the loser type, losing his girlfriend, his job, his appartment, learning that his wife cheated on him with his best friend before both died... I don't know if that is specific of the autor, it also reminds me a bit of the guy in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... Maybe it makes it less sad to see the guy leave the real world. Or maybe surnatural and parallel worlds tend to seriously ruin you life.
  • 16)Message de Luc-ey Luc posté le 21 December 2012 à 18:41:54
    A repost for the holidays, huh Boulet? Well is a classic.
  • 17)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 December 2012 à 19:23:10
    http://www.allocine.fr/video/player_gen_cmedia=19424060&cfilm=175244.html Pas du tout Roal Dahl, ce film...
  • 18)Message de Anonymous posté le 21 December 2012 à 23:33:22
    Loved it! It never occurred to me what horrors would be evident if the real world intersected with fantasy. Dragons, Warlocks, and Magic Medieval Armies all clashing with modern technology and Man's ambition to be the biggest threat/Man with a bigger stick. I certainly do enjoy your musings Mr. Boulet. P.S. In the future will your publications in French be available for purchase in English? If so that would be appreciated (and AWESOME).
  • 19)Message de Anonymous posté le 22 December 2012 à 15:34:23
    I think someone already mentioned the "initiation tale" about why it's always teens in these stories. It's gotta be an over-drawn symbolization of crossing the threshold into adulthood. I think as a kid it made being an adult seem a lot cooler than it actually is. "Go on a grand adventure! Ride dragons and use magic! All in order to....work an under-paid job with no benefits and have a lot of stupid responsibilities." Speaking of which, I think that's another reason why it's never adult in the stories. Teenagers have nothing else to do. An adult goes through the Narnia wardrobe and it's like "Sorry Ice Queen, can't go to war against you today. I have kids to raise and a presentation that needs to be done on Friday."
  • 20)Message de Glenn-o-matic posté le 22 December 2012 à 15:40:45
    Another epic adventure in space and time ! With alternate Universes you would just have to take your chances. But eventually there would have to be one that is perfect, where nobody is ever evil or violent, and ALL THE BUNNIES ARE HAPPY ! YAY !
  • 21)Message de Anakko posté le 23 December 2012 à 15:09:22
    There's a manga about something similar, called "gate : the JSDF fought here" Pretty fun stuff, the hero is a total otaku, not at all like the cliche annoying teenager
  • 22)Message de Anonymous posté le 24 December 2012 à 18:10:23
    The fantasy "Siverlock" by John Meyers Meyers has an adult protagonist (and a very influential group of fans--the Science Fiction community in the USA in the 60's went nuts over it), as does almost anyone in the fantasies by James Branch Caball. Maybe the non-teenager stuff isn't getting translated into French?
  • 23)Message de Bruce E. Durocher II posté le 24 December 2012 à 18:14:37
    The fantasy "Silverlock" by John Meyers Meyers (very popular in the Science Fiction community in the USA in the 1960's) and the fantasies by James Branch Cabell had adult protagonists. Maybe the non-teen stuff isn't being translated into French for some reason.
  • 24)Message de LewisRachman posté le 27 December 2012 à 03:23:55
    If your looking for more mature, violent, pragmatic fantasy, try The Witcher books. I actually just played the video games, but from what I heard they're true to the source material, and it's a bloody well built world (bloody world too, lots of blood...). It even involves a bit of politics, like in Game of Thrones. And it's guaranteed 100% annoying teenager free ;).
  • 25)Message de Snord posté le 10 January 2013 à 01:42:21
    Well, awesome. Simply awesome. And I think it's true humanity is kinda like that, very well represented. You are blessed sir, keep on being awesomely talented. Good bye.
  • 26)Message de Ystad posté le 14 January 2013 à 14:13:22
    This "react" comics is so fu%$*ng cute! :D
  • 27)Message de Ellis T. posté le 25 January 2013 à 09:07:56
    Have you read the comic "Fables" ? It's just about that : fantasy characters for Fablelands that are forced to emigrate to our world. There is a great battle involving just that : modern technology against magical but archaic creatures.
  • 28)Message de Pacific rim mkv free posté le 2 August 2013 à 09:10:19
    It's actually a cool and useful piece of info. I'm happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.
  • 29)Message de Anonymous posté le 28 May 2016 à 14:17:06
    You probably know only the most famous fantasy and you should read more. You have mentioned Harry Potter, Eragon, Narnia and the Golden Compass. There's better stuff. You need a lil' list?. Ok. "Elric of Melnibone" by Micheal Moorcock, "The Iron Dragon's Daughter" by Michael Swanwick, The Newford series by Charles De Lint, "Ash" by Mary Gentle, "The flight of the horse" by Larry Niven, "Conan the barbarian" series by Robert E. Howard, "The Incomplete Enchanter" by L.Sprague De Camp, Kane series by Karl E. Wagner, Fafhrd& the Gray Mouser series by Fritz Leiber, "Zothique" by Clark Ashton Smith, The Morgaine Stories by C.J. Cherryh, "Perdido Street Station" by China Mieville, "City of saints and madmen" by Jeff VanderMeer, "Tigana" by Guy Gavriel Kay, "The Worm Ourobous" by Erick Eddison, "Phantastes" by George MacDonald, Garrett P.I series by Glen Cook, "Imaro" by Charles Saunders, "Little, Big" by John Crowley, "Operation Chaos" by Poul Anderson"....Should I continue?

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    • Q : Who are you and what is this blog ?

      I’m Boulet, a french cartoonist living in Paris. I’ve had about 20 books published, most of them for young readers. I also worked on two books of the “Dungeon” series with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar (available in English, ask at your local comic shop).
      This blog is an attempt to translate my french blog ” bouletcorp.com “. I started in 2004 and have drawn more than 1600 entries. I’m trying to catch up but it’s a huge undertaking!

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      The translation is a very delicate subject !

      Most of the translations were performed by followers of my french blog, but very few of them are native anglophones, so the accuracy varies a lot.

      I tried to find a professional translator but it turned out it was far too much expensive for me alone. So I offered to give an original artwork in exchange of amateur translations (like, for a month or so of comics to translate) but even then it was complicated because just the re-handwriting the texts and posting them alone took a lot of time, and having to do original artworks for it and posting them was a lot of work too. Anyway I can’t manage it like this either.

      So for this new version, I’m going to give it a try and translate all by myself.

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      That would be the idea !

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      The more comments and remarks I’ll get, the more I’ll be happy !

      Just be indulgent, I try my best, and translation is not my main job !

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      Yes you can, of course, but must tell I will pay more attention to native anglophone comments !

      I had a lot of people trying to translate, and each time, english or american people told me it was still awkward. French people tend to be overconfident with their level in english or at least, with their ability to translate a comic. It’s not just about being accurate, it’s also about making it soud good, you have to feel it, and that’s almost impossible if you are not english or american.

      The best help I could help would be from english or US cartoonists !

    • Q : I can’t translate, but is there anything else I can do to help ?

      Even if it’s written in english, it’s not easy to share this webcomic: in France I can rely on cartoonist friends or specialized reeferers to share, but it’s very difficult to make people discover my work in other countries !

      So if you want to help, it’s very easy: you can share with your friends ! If you have friends who don’t speak french, tell them about this page, and use social networks to share the comics you liked !

    • Q : How did you make this layout ?

      First, this blog was programmed with flash.

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      WordPress is supposed to be a free-sharing platform, but we worked a lot on this, and we don’t specially want that anyone could use it without consulting us.

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      His contact is at the bottom of the site, on the main page.

    • Q : Where can we buy your work ? Do you have a shop with posters, mugs or T-shirts ?

      For now, there’s not such a thing. I try to keep this the less “commercial” I can. But maybe I will change my mind some day !

      The only available work I have in english are the two books I drew for the serie “Dungeon” with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. Ask for it in any comic book shop ! The more you ask them to order it, the easiest will it get to obtain !
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      -La Maison Close (collective book by Ruppert et Mulot)

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    • Q : Can I use one of your comics to print a shirt / a poster / to put it on my blog / to illustrate my book / magazine ?

      No, you can’t ! :)
      All this comics ask a lot of time to draw, and I don’t want them to be taken out of this blog, especially if it’s for commercial use.
      And most of this blog material is already printed by the french publisher Delcourt, so it would be highly illegal !
      They are some exceptions, though:
      -You can use one panel or two if you are making a citation (for example: if you write an article about my work or about webcomics in general, you can show a couple of pictures, without asking me. You just have to put the source under it: my name and the blog’s URL, clikable if your article is on internet. You don’t specially have to tell me, but it would be nice)
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      -You can use a comic or more for pedagogic use if it’s a non-commercial use: if you’re a teacher and you need a printing from the blog for your class, if you’re a student and need an illustration for an essay or your thesis, I’m totally ok if you respect these two conditions: you have to ask me FIRST (because I wouldn’t like to illustrate something I totally disagree with), and the use must be completely NON-COMMERCIAL (you CAN’T sell it, no matter the format), NON-POLITIC (especially if you are a kind of nationalist NRA douchebag) and NON-RELIGIOUS (I’m an atheist, and I work for no church or cult)

    • Q : Can I buy you an original artwork ?

      I don’t really need mone for now, so I don’t sell my original works… So no !
      And I have a lot of work waiting to be done, so I don’t have time to make special drawings for birthdays, christmas presents or stuff like that !

    • Q : I’m very rich and I want to hire you / I want to publish your work

      Ok, send me an email and we’ll see ! :)
      I’m not specially looking for work now, but if you have something nice to propose, maybe we can find an arrangement !
      If you want to publish material from this blog, my publisher shares the copyrights with me, so you have to contact him ! look for “editions Delcourt” on the web !