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  • 1)Message de Ringo posté le 29 August 2012 à 00:07:04
    For what it's worth, I assure you that I'll never forget you : )
  • 2)Message de Túlio posté le 29 August 2012 à 00:10:43
    I love your comics Gill , hope you never stop publishing in english :D
  • 3)Message de Anonymous posté le 29 August 2012 à 00:22:56
    Touchant de relire cette note après la mort de Jean Giraud
  • 4)Message de franzy posté le 29 August 2012 à 01:21:49
    Ringo is right. But you won't be easily forgotten because books aren't part of 'Junk Culture' because books aren't products in themselves, like shoes or iPods. Books are ideas, life! Every single book, every piece of art is a conduit for transplanting one person's ideas into another's brain. The only junk books are junk because their ideas and art aren't sufficient for transmitting ideas. Think of the difference between a scribble on a napkin and *ahem* Boulet's First Collected Works in English (for example). Both are ART. You could show the napkin and the book to one person and it's guaranteed that they will be more likely to remember 'Fuck Peter Pan' and 'The Dark Roommate' of 24 hour comic fame, than the pen scrawl next to the mustard.
  • 5)Message de MadH posté le 29 August 2012 à 02:29:34
    I think I remember reading a statistic like 90% of book sales are comprised of 10% of books... There is certainly an entire undercurrent of books of all kinds that go unnoticed by the masses. I love used bookstores though, so you can rest assured that I'm going to pick up some of those "forgottens" at least. How about the old Elric comics?
  • 6)Message de Marmakoide posté le 29 August 2012 à 06:10:22
    Hum, Moebius and Blueberry are not forgotten yet... Media exposure of his work is far lower than the work and the talent put in it, but be assured it's still known and appreciated. In my familly, we look at our Blueberry collection as a treasure to be kept and transmitted to the our descendant-to-be :)
  • 7)Message de Balbylon posté le 29 August 2012 à 07:25:06
    Sure, I will transmit my collection of "Notes" to my children. But they are 3. I should buy other copies for each! You are the Moebius of twenty-first century.
  • 8)Message de Balbylon posté le 29 August 2012 à 07:27:39
    And, of course, i will buy Notes 7 for helping a poor french kid who drew it ^^
  • 9)Message de Henrique Fanti posté le 29 August 2012 à 07:34:44
    I think a lot of things that end up in Junk Stores aren't sold by the same person that bought them. Example: I die and my mother take a look at all those books and think: "Well, what am I gonna do with these now?". And they end up somewhere, for nothing.
  • 10)Message de Andreas posté le 29 August 2012 à 09:31:05
    Technically, it was Blueberry by Gir :D :_(
  • 11)Message de boulet posté le 29 August 2012 à 11:21:37
    Marmakoide: that was the joke, actually. I had all these thoughts during the travel, and after that I realized the book was more famous than my whole work will probably ever be.
  • 12)Message de Elsie posté le 29 August 2012 à 12:24:18
    I have a friend whom once, over a pint of cider in the local pub, I asked him what his greatest fear in life was. His reply was to be forgotten, for all his efforts in life to be null and void. As an emerging cartoonist, I can fully sympathise and share in this fear. Recently in England, the comic "Dandy" is just about to fold and be sent online. it's one of the oldest in the world and features the record breaking character "Desperate Dan". Children are mainly unaffected, but adults like myself, my mother and my grandmother are quite upset as we all remember the three generations this comic spanned through. It sold 8000 copies last year, compared to the 2 million a week it once sold. Would something as important as this become what you coin Junk Culture? If so... is nothing safe? Or is Junk Culture paving the way for new ideas...
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 29 August 2012 à 14:39:11
    Elsi: Evolution, baby :D You have to make room for new stuff. Old comics are great where they are: in the past. That's why it doesn't bother me to be forgotten after my death. Most of my work won't make any sense in 50 years. It's great to remember things, it's great to be interested in old works and you can learn a lot about it. But even if I grew up with comics like "Gaston Lagaffe" or the Smurfs, I'm glad when I see kids reading Naruto or One Piece. And 20 years from now they will say their kids "when I was your age we had 'Naruto', it was so great and blah blah blah..." The worst thing is when people try to maintain in life these old references. In France, Gaston Lagaffe was adapted as a TVShow (Even if the author, Franquin, had once said: 'Me alive, it will never happen'. Producers must have thought 'well... Now is dead, isn't he ?') It was ugly. And depressing. You can't force your kids to like the stuff you did. You can just hope they will be curious and will take a look.
  • 14)Message de Anonymous posté le 29 August 2012 à 17:49:40
    The good thing when you are forgotten is : you will be rediscovered after a while. Think about Feydeau, the playwright, he's "rediscovered" once every 10 years. And haven't you see "Hugo Cabret" of Scorsese ? It's about the latter life of Melies, how he was rediscovered after sinking into oblivion.
  • 15)Message de Tarun Uday posté le 29 August 2012 à 19:51:35
    ...And then we'll have The International Boulet Fest every year :)
  • 16)Message de Elsie posté le 29 August 2012 à 20:46:03
    Anonymous: Aye, 'tis true. Things do have to end and move on, hence why Watterson ended Calvin and Hobbes on a high and things like The Simpsons and Family Guy should count their losses and die a *fairly* dignified death. But it's nothing to do with forcing children to like what you do, but things should be kept alive to a certain degree. If so, cultures would end in a generation or two, it's nice to teach and carry something on. It's like my grandmother teaching me knitting as a child, and me recently sitting down with my godchild and teaching him how. It's a nice thing, but always remember the new world.
  • 17)Message de MadH posté le 30 August 2012 à 01:41:58
    Elsie, I think you answered your own question. Art needs to have relevance to survive. You mention a few series that you think have lived "too long" and you think should die gracefully (Simpsons, Family Guy). How are those any different than Dandy? If it is ending, then it does not have any relevance left in the modern world or it would still live on. It is a great anomaly for specific art to be lucky enough to survive for even a hundred years - by that point we put it on a pedestal as a snapshot of a culture at that point in time, and that usually by virtue of it not accidentally being burned in a fire. I believe the essential point Anonymous was getting at is that there's no point in trying to make the next generation understand your own generation's art - it wasn't made for them. It was made for you. There is no way to "force" art to stay around or make people remember (in fact many would resent you picking out what you think should be relevant to them...). Just like humans die, art dies with them.
  • 18)Message de Elsie posté le 30 August 2012 à 11:02:15
    Indeed, 'tis true. I wasn't making a legitimate question, it was debatable in it's own right. Of course art dies with the artist, and so it should. It's a constantly evolving action, which in itself makes it "art". I hope you don't think I was acting dickish, I just love a good debate about this stuff! Thank you for talking about it with me :)
  • 19)Message de Anonymous posté le 30 August 2012 à 13:05:33
    May I suggest an alternate way of looking at it? To begin with, we must accept that everything dies. Everything that everyone creates will eventually be destroyed, lost, forgotten. The planet itself will be destroyed in some far distant ending. This is a fact and a very sad and depressing fact at that. So why create? Why pour one's heart into making art or engineering or children? It's the act of creation, not the act of consumption of that creation that is key. Every act of creation is us, as a species, yelling out into the darkness that we will create beauty because we can. The ultimate hopelessness of our creation does not define us. It's our ability and desire to create beautiful things even when ultimately it doesn't matter. As you point out millions of books/songs/comics/buildings/stories are created and forgotten every year. One could look on their "loss" and feel bad, or look on the fact that the relentless human creative spirit is constantly striving to make beautiful things - regardless of the fact that it's all doomed regardless. In short - it's like a hero in a story where he knows he's going to die. Even in death, if he fights the good fight, it's can still be a happy story.
  • 20)Message de Elsie posté le 31 August 2012 à 01:43:08
    Anonymous, you make me feel hope for this world yet :)
  • 21)Message de glenn-o-matic posté le 31 August 2012 à 03:49:31
    All you need is a great story with inspired and beautiful art. That creation will find those who need to believe they are not alone in the universe.
  • 22)Message de Morris posté le 6 September 2012 à 16:36:15
    The latest science that I read in today's news is that "junk DNA" is probably more important than was previously thought, and calling it "junk" just shows how ignorant we are about the way the biology works. There's probably an apt analogy about "junk culture".
  • 23)Message de Vetka posté le 12 August 2013 à 04:47:25
    First of all: Totally addicted to your comic! And second, thank you for showing me Moevius.
  • 24)Message de Fred S. posté le 24 December 2013 à 08:45:51
    Je me demande si on ne dirait pas plutôt un "46-pager", avec ou sans trait du gnon, je ne sais plus...
  • 25)Message de Tommy posté le 8 February 2016 à 22:56:16
    This is the perfect way to break down this inintmarfoo.

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