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  • 1)Message de Morris posté le 23 July 2012 à 22:32:27
    My brother-in-law reported that when his children were very young, and he tried to raise them without imposing gender stereotypes on them, his son would take the dolls and push them along the floor, as if they were cars, saying "vroom vroom vroom". His daughter took her older brother's toy trucks and cuddled them as if they were babies. So at least anecdotally, there may be some validity to the idea of instinctive gender behaviors. My son had a doll house that he liked to play with, when he was 3 years old.
  • 2)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 July 2012 à 22:33:51
    very true... the tools are our masters
  • 3)Message de Anonymous posté le 23 July 2012 à 22:35:54
    Very true, things like drills and hammers are our masters
  • 4)Message de Arty posté le 23 July 2012 à 22:36:22
    Haha, the english title sounds so wrong!
  • 5)Message de Tam posté le 23 July 2012 à 23:26:28
    I did not rememeber this note in French. It's very nice. Because everyone is going to give their comment on this, you might be able to do some statistics ;) So here is mine. As a girl, when I was young, I played a lot with Lego. And Teddy bears, my sister would play with cars. We would play with playmobils. I did not really like barbies, and my parents never tried to impose this on me. In school, I wanted to play football, but the guys would not let me. The little buggers... I hated pink and dressing with skirts. So of course, with this background, I do tend to think that it's a lot of social constructions and prejudices. I read several times that one century ago, blue was for girls and pink/red more for boys. I don't know whether this is a myth, but I would not be shocked if it was not. Something to take into account is that, even, as a parent, you leave your children make their choices, and try to avoid imposing this kind of gender stereotypes, the children have a life. They watch television, they go to school, with other kids. That's a lot of pressures, and the parents are not the only ones who matter. I guess. On this subject, I came accrsoss this video some weeks ago, about children advertising and gender, which I found interesting : And I seriously get crazy in a DIY shop too, even if I cannot do ANYTHING of my hands, artistic or "bricolage", just because of all *possibilities*.
  • 6)Message de kat posté le 23 July 2012 à 23:49:19
    i can't wait to show this one to my boss.... i did not have a "pink phase" when i was a little girl, but i sure did love ponies and princesses, as long as the princesses were cats dressed up in Elizabethan gowns :) (Toy cats, not real ones!) I didn't like "human" dolls at all, just toy animals in human clothes. Beatrix Potter influence i guess!
  • 7)Message de MadH posté le 24 July 2012 à 00:16:46
    Ah, my first spelling/grammar suggestion! In the second panel, did you mean doing up your apartment is something you did in this one instance, something you do infrequently, or something you do all the time? Here is a suggestion based on that: Just this once = "To take a break from working, I wanted to do up my apartment" Infrequently = "Sometimes, to take a break from working, I like to do up my apartment" All the time = Keep it as is I'm not really sure if you meant for it to come across that you love doing up your apartment all the time (it isn't mentioned too often in your other comics so it threw me off) - so take that with a grain of salt! Also, in the last panel, "Give me three days" instead of "day". :)
  • 8)Message de Gyom posté le 24 July 2012 à 06:56:28
    Again, thanks Boulet for all this work. The end of this comic really made my morning ! And I have to confess lots of your blog notes does that. Sincere Congratulations for your work. Added to the fact you're really good at drawing, you just find the right words and ideas, and all of that is really fun. Take care ! Hoping to see you one day at a comic "salon" ^^ I will definetely wait for hours to have a drawing from you. BTW is it possible to order something (with paying of course !) ?
  • 9)Message de Elsie posté le 24 July 2012 à 09:26:58
    I never grew out of my pink phase unfortunately. I still love princess stuff, I adore the colour pink and baking? Okay, I love to bake. But I also deal with DIY and "manly" stuff, such as labour and heavy lifting... Also, that title is so, so so wrong.
  • 10)Message de Sacred Pickle posté le 24 July 2012 à 10:22:30
    In sociology (which hates biological explanation of human behavior), there aren't differences between male and female way of thought, except the representations given to the gender. Sociology considers that biological gender and social gender are not the same thing (the difference is translate in french by the using of 'sexe', biological characteristic, and 'genre', social characteristic), and social gender isn't necessarly male when the biological gender is, and inversely. In this perspective, genred behaviors are imposed by society, not directly but through the parents, the friends, the TV, all that belong to society. Thus, even if parents don't try to impose genred way of thought to their children, the social universe make it, because we live in a society which associates some characteristics with gender. Except you live naked in a lost wood in Aveyron, you are influenced by society. Today, debate concerns the question of the genre : does a man (so somebody with a penis) who behaves like women generally do must be considered as a woman ? LGBT claims and the increase of sex change make the debate very important. So, yes, for sociology, genred behaviours are imposed by society, and the fact that transsexuality exists proves that having X or Y chromosomes doesn't determine behaviors. But, to date, nobody can explain why a boy educated like a boy would want to be a girl. I hope my intellectual soliloquy is understandable and my english not so shitty, so, to conclude, I'll say that there are a lot examples of what I tried to explain, starting with maternalistes cultures (Amazons !) and transsexuality.
  • 11)Message de CC. posté le 24 July 2012 à 13:43:25
    Here are my two cents : When I was a little girl, I played a lot with Barbie dolls, but I couldn't get WHY they would always make their stuff PINK. I hated pink. Still do. And I also had a tool box to "help" my father when he was working on the house and I loved it as much as the dolls. Girls and boys do have different instincts, because we are animals. But since we humans can actually think, it's not so simple. "Society" just makes easier money with gender-based products.
  • 12)Message de Lucretius posté le 24 July 2012 à 18:52:37
    Ahahaa, I dont think it is... you were very clear to say 'from what I hear from friends' and that kind of things, when it comes to sexisim. As for if its true... I think what really happens is the girls absorb that pink is MEANT to be *their thing*, and everything made for them is pink around that age anyhow, you know? But theres no harm, if there were just more choices. As for shiny things... ahhh, for me, I know that appeal... why do I want fifteen different door-handles? I dont know, I just do...
  • 13)Message de Anonymous posté le 25 July 2012 à 00:11:25
    Well, don't beat yourself up over gender roles. I don't think there was any malice in what you wrote and to me it's all about intent. There's no denying that these roles are there and reinforced by our cultures. I can see wanting to move away from that but you are in no way coming across as a sexist to me. I laughed when you got to the DIY store because I am the same way, and I was not raised into the "male" world the way most American males are, either (I don't like cars or sports and I hate American football, for instance). I found it hilarious because it does seem like such a natural thing for the male brain to look at all those tools with awe and wonder and start thinking of all the cool projects you will do...which never materialize of course. My GF doesn't care for much in the way of girly stuff, and I'm probably more girly than she is, to be perfectly honest. I'm the one who introduced her to Miyazaki's movies and now she's hooked. As always, a wonderful comic that speaks to our humanity.
  • 14)Message de Arys posté le 25 July 2012 à 14:40:06
    Eh, the gender issue is never solved. Mostly I'm jumping in to say: That panel with the hexagon bolts is made of AWESOME-SAUCE. LOL. That had me on the floor laughing. (although, I've had those moments....) :-)
  • 15)Message de Stian posté le 25 July 2012 à 15:08:44
    I got a drill just like that for christmas. Haven't used it yet lol :D I'm scared of doing Real Men's Work :D
  • 16)Message de luxsword posté le 27 July 2012 à 10:26:31
    Small kids play the same, like when they're 2 y.o. or so, boys spend as much time with dolls as the girls and girls spend as much time with the tools as the boys. Then they start imitating their parents and mirror society's sexism...
  • 17)Message de luxsword posté le 27 July 2012 à 10:27:52
    Gender behaviours and roles are 100 % imposed by society, consciously and unwillingly. 100 %
  • 18)Message de luxsword posté le 27 July 2012 à 10:30:29
    This year, I taught English to 7/8 y.o. kids and only a couple of them (1 boy in a class, 1 girl in the other) claimed they liked pink. Half of the others said they didn't. Pink is no more loved by girls. But it's still associated with them, it's a second rate colour. Purple, on the other hand, was very successful, for girls and boys alike. ;-)
  • 19)Message de Kopetc posté le 28 July 2013 à 04:38:29
    By the way, MLP is a surprisingly good cartoon!)
  • 20)Message de Anonymous posté le 15 September 2014 à 08:03:19
    Just read this now and I really really love the Gurren Lagan there. The drill that will pierce the heavens. LOL. Good one. This same thing is happening to me when I enter a Gunpla store. XD
  • 21)Message de Fex posté le 15 March 2016 à 20:02:35
    I don't have kids and I won't. But I'd guess I wouldn't mind a son playing with dolls or other toys "for girls". I myself enjoy things supposedly made for girls, like Sakura Card Captors, Sex and the City, Care Bears, facial masks, moisturizers and colorful umbrellas (I don't know how it is out there, but in Brazil men are supposed to use black umbrellas, which even have another name - something like "rain warden"). I don't care. My nephew once wanted a pink car toy. My sister refused to buy it to him. I asked: "What's that about? It doesn't matter, you know." She answered: "He's too little for that, he may choose when he grows up". Which may seem nice and tolerant, but it never crossed her mind that I was just saying that pink is just a color, like any other.
  • 22)Message de Fex posté le 15 March 2016 à 20:04:16
    And Shakira, I forgot to mention Shakira. (I mean her music and her voice, since I don't think you need to be a woman to enjoy her dancing or her figure).
  • 23)Message de Rei posté le 3 January 2020 à 10:52:36
    I never liked pink and (not tight)dresses/skirts are FREEDOM \o/ -period- ... and I played barbies to go on adventure ...\o\

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